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It seems like such a LONG time since I’ve settled in to work on pieces for History on Two Needles, and I’m absolutely joyful to restart it!

I’ve done a bit of finishing lately; the Egyptian Set is done, and by finishing the belt for the Chiton yesterday, that’s ready to roll, too!

I’m not sure where it’s rolling, except with me on my upcoming trip East and to TNNA, but it’s ready, that’s for sure! If you’ll be in one of my classes coming up I’ll have these garments ready to show you – I’m taking them all with me!

The very simple Front and Back were knit for me by Miriam Tegels over in Holland, and she did a spectacular job – I’m very grateful to her!

The stitch pattern is a simple 3 stitch rib with a slipped st in the center of each rib to create the wonderful, strong (stubborn, even!) pleated feeling in the fabric. You can stretch it, pull it, and it will snap back to the fortuny pleated effect because of the slipped stitch.

The Buffalo Gold Lux #12 (45% bison/ 20% silk/ 20% cashmere/ 15% tencel) is also perfect for this garment – lightweight, luxurious, but with a lot of strength.

To join the Front and Back I also used crochet – chaining 4 sts, slipping a stitch on one piece, chaining 4 sts again and slipping a st on the opposite piece. It was a little tedious, but I’m quite happy with the results of the technique.

By adding a bead at each slipped stitch I was able to bring a little more sparkle, too!

The belt really makes the outfit, I think. I wanted to create a corded girdle of some kind, but everything I tried was too fiddly (icord stitched together, weaving i-cord, etc.)

So instead I crocheted this belt with a strand of wire held together with a strand of the Buffalo Gold #12.

The wire helps strengthen the structure of the belt, the yarn gives it flexibility. I crocheted around the circumference of the belt with a beaded strand of BG #12 for some extra sparkle.

This has been a really fun set to work up, the stitch pattern is much easier than it might seem, and it’s been a good carry-around project.

A good friend of my daughter’s seems tailor made to wear it, I’m hoping I can get some good shots of her wearing it. It just doesn’t have the same oomph when it’s on a mannequin, but here it is – for better or for worse!

I’m in love with the Elsebeth Lavold Bamboucle (45% cotton, 30% bamboo, 17% linen, 8% nylon) which is a slightly textured yarn with a terrific drape – nice weight – and knits up beautifully.

It does have a tendency to split, but as with any yarn that’s a little splity, after a few rows you figure out how to manage it so it’s not such a problem.

The skirt and top share the same stitch pattern (except at the pectoral neck detail) Everything is worked on a basis of 10 sts, which should make sizing this simpler.

I’m starting the Minoan Skirt again. I believe this is the 4th incarnation. I’m keeping expectations low this time… If I have anything to report later you’ll be the first to know!

Baseball starts tonight (Max gets his uniform and learns what team he’s on – it had BETTER be the Dodgers!) as does Soccer (ditto for Hannah) so Gerry and I will split up with the kids. I’m claiming Max, we can ride our bikes to the rec center while Gerry drives Hannah.

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