UK Classes are Final!

I’ve just spent a good chunk of time firming up teaching dates, getting some pricing and ads together, reserving space on Ravelry, and making travel arrangements. For ENGLAND, SCOTLAND and WALES!

It’s all firmed up, the engagements are solid, and it’s time to put some butts into some seats!

All of this travel planning is making my feet itchy – it’s good I’m going off on the road tomorrow. Folks are arranged to drop by and peek on Gerry, neighbors have been alerted and I’m sure hot dishes will be coming into the kitchen (it’s 90 friggin’ degrees today – EVERY dish is a hot dish!)

I’m sponsoring myself in Edinburgh, so I can offer a discount on those classes for my blog readers. It’s always scary when I front the $$ (in this case, ££) myself, but I ask yarn shops to do it every day, so it’s good for me to do it once in a while!

Here’s the scoop:

Di Gilpin – Aug 29 & 30
I’ll be teaching a magnificent weekend at Di Gilpin’s on Aug 29 & 30. This is a dream come true for me, meeting Di, it will be an amazing event!

I’m bringing Gerry with me for the first week of the trip, and he’s more excited about this first leg than anything else!

Edinburgh – Sept 2 & 3
Then I move on to Edinburgh where I’ll teach for 2 days (midweek, I apologize!) at the Bruntsfield Hotel (Best Western – go figure…) The classes are £35 each, but the more you sign up for, the more you save (all 4 classes are £120)

And – just because I like you (my dear, dear blog readers) I have a special code that will take an additional 20% off of the class fee (eg., all 4 classes would be £100, £25 per class, how can you say no?)

The class size is limited, I was only able to get one of the smaller meeting rooms so I’m limiting the classes to 14 students. First to sign up, first to go!

Are you ready for the code? It’s modeknit.

Fyberspates – Sept 5 & 6
Then I move on to Whitchurch Shropshire, which I have NO idea how to pronounce, to finally meet the lovely Jen in person at Fyberspates and see her operation in action.

I just used some of her Scrumptious Merino in a sweater I did for Yarn Forward Magazine, and she was such a delight to work with! I’m so looking forward to seeing the church in which she houses her business.

Get Knitted – Sept 8
This is my only non-London engagement in England, it’s once again a mid-week engagement, but I’ve found these to be unusually exciting classes.

I think folks really love having a bit of time off to themselves, to do something they love. There’s generally a ‘skipping school’ feeling about the class that makes us all so giddy! I’ve heard such wonderful things about Get Knitted – I’m can’t wait to meet them in person!

iKnit – Sept 11 & 12
This is the big finale to my trip, and I feel honored to be asked to join this grand weekend of Knitterati! Looking at the list of classes and instructors I’m sad that I’m teaching – I wish I had my entire weekend open to take all the classes!

I haven’t been to London in 20 years (except for sprints through Gatwick) and I’m so excited to see how it’s changed.

I know I haven’t changed a bit. This is a photo of me in Paris, but it was the same general time period. I look just the same, right? I’m in the blue scarf with 2 college friends, Alison and Michael.

I loved that scarf…


I was no novice to accupuncture, my own family practitioner here in St. Paul is ALSO an accupuncturist (and did wonders for a back and knee problem last year, and for my asthma!)

But she was booked up (she only does AP on certain mornings) so she recommended another practitioner right near me.

I love this place! It’s Crocus Hill Oriental Medicine on Grand Avenue, and I’m so lucky to live just a few blocks away.

My first session last week was very good – interesting in that needles were placed where I hadn’t had them before (my ears!?) but I felt the benefits of breathing immediately! And the headaches and backaches I get when I’m struggling for breath were not a problem at all this past week. Extra bonus? I have more mobility in my shoulder than I’ve had since my skiing fall!

Yesterday was session #2 with my new AC and I felt SO good afterward.

I’m a pretty comfort centric person, I eat too much, I sleep too much, I sit on my can too much and I like a beer. There, it’s all out now – bet THAT was a big surprise for most of you…

When I walked in I was drinking a blended chai from Caribou Coffee, and she told me that dairy, cold and sweet are three things that the body has a hard time handling. I’m sure she’s right, so I will desist from the frothy, milky beverages for a while.

I’m actually not THAT into them, I don’t generally like dairy that much, but it was hot… Excuses, excuses…

But I’ve been trying to bike at least once a day, a nice sized at-least-2-mile route, and after my session yesterday I felt SO great I went for 4 miles. And it was VERY hot. But it just didn’t seem to get to me.

Leaving for 3 weeks means missing Gerry, the kids, baseba
ll games and soccer practice. But it also means putting a 3 week hiatus on the accupuncture. I’m interested to see if I go back to square one or if I can retain some of this nice breathing.

I also have to remember that I’m heading to several different regions with whole varieties of climate and allergins.

Most of today is dedicated to tying up loose ends, getting some ads placed and general business stuff taken care of, and PACKING! I’ll be gone for 3 weeks, which in some ways is easier than one week (I know I’ll have to find a laundry at least once!)

I’m leaving much of my non-teaching time open for exploration, I’m taking my bike and I may just stop and ride around when the spirit moves me.

I was stunned when I did my pre-trip count of how many handouts I’d need that a modest estimate was 305. That’s what’s projected for my classes, and many are filled up (most fill in the week before I teach) so I’d better be prepared!

I think Try #5 was the charm. I’m pretty happy with this one, although it’s not close at all to the inspiration. I need to work on that. Actually, it looks much better in person than on the mannequin, and I’m planning on gathering up either side of the front for the apron-y look of the original statuette. When I get a good pic of that I’ll post it.

I may rework the waist band (it looks clunky to me) but I like the sensation of creating a mini skirt for the modest.

I can’t wait to see this on someone – I may have to go hijack my friend’s daughter for a try-on this evening!

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