…is what they holler when Amanda, the most amazing human being on Rice Street, walks into Small Bar in Chicago.

I’ve seldom felt as immediately at home, embraced, just comfortable in a bar as I did at Small Bar (and I’ve felt comfortable in a number of bars!)

But this is an amazing place, folks.

Amanda and I sat in the back, in these Church-esque padded pews, and surveyed the scene like two Queens (royal variety) inspecting our realm.

I swear to god each person in that bar came over to hug Amanda at some point (so if she has Swine Flu – and I’m not sayin’ she does – all of Chicago has it now…)

Seriously, folks were coming in off the sidewalk to high-five her.

The beer list at Small Bar is excellent – a nice mix of darks, lights, wheats, ales, lagers – good stuff. I had a blonde mixed with a small bit of Lindeman’s framboise for a summery, raspberry taste (don’t ask me for brands, I’m snockered after just one beer!)

I also had an AMAZING spinach salad with cranberries, nuts, goat cheese, etc. – all my favorites – and it was DELICIOUS!

Amada had a great pulled pork nacho dish – HUGE – I helped her with it and some was brought home, too.

Tomorrow I’m going to stop in to Lorna’s Laces for a quick “Hello!” before I head on to Wooster and my weekend of teaching. I am SO lucky to be able to stay with Amanda tonight, though – thank you, dollface!

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