Resting, resting…

After two days of teaching in East Stroudsburg, I’m ready to move near the Delaware Water Gap!

I had the BEST time at Mountain Knits & Pearls, LOVE the stock of both yarn and great beads in the shop. Joanne did a lovely job setting up the classes and making everyone feel at home, and the students were SO much fun – so smart and funny and EXCELLENT at their knitting!

But it always surprises me how EXHAUSTED a day of teaching can make me! I drove into NJ to my hotel, turned down the bed and ordered a small pizza, and was almost asleep before it arrived!

I’m calling it an early night – I tried to knit a bit, and I’m just TOO zonked. I tried to work on my newsletter – I can’t keep my eyes open.

Tomorrow will be spent visiting old friends in South Orange, and I may just mosey on down to the shore and visit the ocean.

Sat / Sun I’ll be visiting friends up in Westchester who have kids the same age as Hannah and Max.

Sunday I come back to NJ to spend some quality time with my old knitting group, then on Monday I head up to Saratoga Springs for a quickie book signing at Saratoga Needle Arts on the 2nd before I go on to Squam Lake, New Hampshire for the Squam Arts Workshops.

I’m glad I have some time off – big classes of engaged and excited students take about as much energy as being a parent to toddlers (but classes – at my age – are a little bit more fun…)

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