Saratoga Here I Come!

I love visiting Saratoga Springs, NY – and I’ll be there TOMORROW (Tues, 6/2) at Saratoga Needle Arts from 4-6 signing books (mine, or anyone elses…) and just chatting with folks.

Come on by and you MAY even snag one of the elusive, out-of-print Twist & Loop Knitting & Crocheting with Wire books. Maybe. Ha!

My trip’s been mosying along, but I feel like I’m rushing! I’m not – I just feel like it. The strain of not doing anything must be wearing me down…

I’m taking this morning to answer emails, blog, write my newsletter and get some advertising stuff finished.

Getting work done feels good.

This evening I’ll be going to a concert at my kid’s old school, Seth Boyden (yay!) and I’ll see my friend’s son play piano & guitar (not at the same time) for his parts of the Variety Show shindig.

I’ll also get to see my friend play Clarinet with her son. They’re both very good.

I’ve been taking photos as I wander along, sometimes stopping in folks’ yards, sometimes just sitting in the car, but trying to capture the feeling of my surroundings.

Being on the road for such an extended period is odd, but I think I’m finally into the rhythm of it. Beer helps. Not while I’m driving.
Here are irises and a friendly doggie in Cleveland (Shannon Okey’s dog!)

A stone house in Pound Ridge, NY and lots of pollen on my car in the same town (I was visiting friends and their pine trees evidently tried to pollenate my PT Cruiser. That’s illegal in 4 states.)

Last evening I got together with my old knitting group and it was SO great to see them! I love my MN friends, but I miss my NJ friends a great deal. Can’t we all just meet in Indiana?

And, of course, what photo essay wouldn’t be complete without the obligatory shot of the road to the George Washingto Bridge. Ahh, it’s quite lovely in the Spring…

I got up this morning and surprised myself by getting on my bike for a 2 mile ride (lots of hills here…) then made the whole adventure null and void with a trip to Dunkin’ Donuts (I miss them – harder to find in MN)

Tomorrow I’ll leave early, and if all goes well I’ll see a friend for lunch before the signing. Yay, friends!

And then – on to SQUAM!

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