T minus 6 days…

I’m less than a week away from home, and I’m counting the hours.

Last night I talked to Gerry, Max and Hannah on the phone. I miss them, they miss me, we all miss each other. Gerry said they’ve been listening to the audio book of Knit With Courage in the car because they miss me so much, and apparently Atticus became confused and thought I was in the car. Poor Atticus.

We wouldn’t miss each other if we didn’t love each other, I guess… But it will be damned good to see them all again.

The classes today at Naked Sheep were wonderful! I can’t wait to go back tomorrow for my second Combination Knitting class!

The Naked Sheep is a great shop with an excellent stock of yarns. I didn’t see anything there that I wouldn’t want to take home. And they had a delicious selection of Casbah one of my favorites!

The Beaches neighborhood in Toronto is a delight, Lisa at The Naked Sheep was so kind, and the students were EXCEPTIONAL. They worked hard, they concentrated, and they made me very proud.

Thanks, dear ladies. And all this without a bell…

Aside from the teaching, the best part of the day today was parking 3 blocks from the shop and riding my bike to the shop.

Allow me repeat: I rode my bike.

Then I rode up the street and dropped off my laundry,
Then I rode down the street and had a wonderful cup of tea at Second Cup,
Later I rode back to the laundry to pick up – wait for it – clean underwear.

A day doesn’t get much better than that!

Riding my bike, obeying traffic signs (I learned THAT in Minnesota) and wearing my helmet.

I felt like a Toe-ron-TONE-ian, baby. And I did it in a skirt. Touch me.

The prednisone is obviously working, I’m doing much better with the breathing (although I sound pretty bad tonight – sleep will be good) and being on my bike made me feel vital and human again – not a recluse.

But I’m not in great shape, breathing continues to suck and my first action upon returning home will be a visit to an allergist to see what I can do to get this under control. It just seems that every time I leave home I end up with a breathing dilemma. Good heavens how I want to be home.

This evening before the second class I looked up to see a familiar face – but one I wasn’t expecting. Do you ever see someone who is totally out of place, and you know you know them, but you can get your mind to put 2 + 2 together?

One of my dear friends, Ellen, from my MN knitting group had come by the shop to say, “Hi!” to me, and – wait for it – I burst into tears.

I cried like a little girlie girl.

I couldn’t believe how emotional I felt, how I was suddenly so overcome with the sense that I just wanted to jump in the PT Cruiser and cruise on home.

The feeling passed, Ellen went off to have dinner with another friend, it was so wonderful to see her and it seemed so unreal.

Even with the breathing angst, and the tooth, this has been a great trip.

(Did I mention the tooth? Crown fell off an old root canal when I ate a brownie. It’s not visible and it doesn’t hurt, but I can FEEL it with every word I say)

Seriously, a really terrific trip. It would have been a lot more fun with Atticus along, though.

When I was a little girl whenever I saw a white horse I would make a wish.

I’ve seen many on this trip and they make me feel lucky – as if everything is going my way.

Driving up from Squam I passed 3 beautiful white horses in one paddock. Lucky me!

Then the next day I saw a white donkey (?) Is that lucky, too?

I’m going with “yes.”
I may be sad to be away from home, I may be breathing badly, but I’m so damned lucky to have a home like St. Paul to want to return to, with Ger and the kids waiting, and the dog and cats. And friends.

And I’m especially lucky to have interesting work, wonderful students, great shops and venues that hire me.

Yes, I guess a white donkey IS lucky.

What will I see tomorrow after my class as I drive to London, ON (the nearest Motel 6 on the way) to spend the night…?

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