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Jeeze-O-Pete how I love my home!

As may have been mentioned previously somewhere on this blog, I’m a Virgo. I like things tidy, well planned and I love being home.

Home is, to me, heaven.

When I was a kid and had to memorize 2 bible verses every 2 weeks, one stuck out in my mind: the kingdom of god is within you (Luke, I think).

Now, I’m probably best described as a sympathetic, spiritual agnostic, but my own concept of heaven begins inside of me.

For me? My heaven is at least, in part, found in my home.

When I travel to a new place the first thing I do is check into my hotel and “arrange” I carry a big, plastic “Home” box with me with candles, toiletries, teas, snacks, pillow, all of the things that I need to make me feel I’m not in an alien environment. If there’s a refrigerator in the hotel room I may stick a beer in there, and then I leave for my teaching gig.

When I finish my teaching for the day I return – home! It makes me feel so much more settled as I teach to be able to visualize my room, my stuff, my beer – all waiting for me to return to my temporary home.

It makes me understand why homeless folks get so attached to any small thing that they have.

Hey – remember when we didn’t have homeless (well, not in the droves we do now) back in the 70’s? Just sayin’ I remember telling a friend in 1980, “The only folks who are homeless in the US want to be homeless.” That wasn’t true for much longer.

One thing waiting for me at home was a big package of yarn for a project I’m doing. It’s a coat for Stitchy McYarnpants new book – I’m not sure how much more I can say (I hate secrets… I’m a total surprise party killer) but it’s going to be amazing.

Unfortunately as Max was rolling one of the balls of yarn, and Mommy was being a little less supportive than she should have been, the whole thing got kind of screwed up and we ended up with this mess of Casbah.

Heaven and earth were moved to get me this yarn (read: no more was available), so I was pretty frustrated. And my amazing, wonderful, loving husband sat bedside last night watching a documentary on Patton and rolling the mess into a ball. Is that love?

Last night was pulled-apart parent night again as Gerry took Hannah to her Breakthrough Program and I accompanied Max to his baseball game.

After 2 seasons of straight wins, the Dodgers are feeling the pain of losing so many excellent older kids (they moved on to the bigger leagues) and taking in a lot of really young kids.

They have yet to win a game this Summer, but they played their hearts out last night! Max got a homer (yay!) but has to work on his fielding.

So slowly – S L O W L Y – I’m finding my St. Paul Legs again. Today I see my accupuncturist again, hoping to get back on top of the breathing. The tomato plant and beans are doing well, and I’ll ride over to see if I can pick up another Topsy Turvy Planter for my cucumber (which is NOT doing well…)

Best of all will be seeing my old friends again. This Saturday is Knit In Public day, so I’m hoping to join my knitting group at one of the exciting events. Then later I’ll knit in private with my friend London as we head over to her place for some barbeque and the running of the poodles. Happy days!

I’m hoping to see some of London’s new stuff – she just put a bunch of new yarns up at Etsy (she dyes and spins) and she always has something exciting & lovely to play around with!

Single Payer Option
And one more thing… My family’s been SO lucky to have been able to retain insurance for the past 2 years. We thank Gerry’s union, IATSE Local #1, for that. But almost 50 Million Americans aren’t as lucky, and that number is growing.

The current system only helps one group: The large Health Insurance and HMO lobby.

Why do we NEED these highly paid middle men mucking up our health and telling us what doctors and medicine we can and can’t use?

It’s widely agreed that Single Payer is the way to go, but that option is not even ON THE TABLE because of the strength of the health insurance lobby.

If we don’t stand up for ourselves, the corporate insurance giants will make sure that Single Payer isn’t even open for discussion.

Make sure YOUR representatives in congress know where you stand – and that your voice is as loud as the rustling of cash and checks from lobbyists.

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