Happy 4th of July!!

Due to the amount of work I need to get done this weekend and our budget in general, we decided to stay close to home instead of going up to Avon this weekend, and we’ll be attending the Taste of Minnesota on Harriet Island in St. Paul. We even visited Snyder Drug and got the discount tickets! $10 worth of food for $8!

Elvis Costello is playing at 8:00, I love me some Elvis!

I think I’ve seen him in concert more than any other performer, and with the recent A Colbert Christmas, the kids are big fans now, too!

So we’ll go and fill up on some good MN eats, ride some rides, and hang around long enough to hear Mr. C and see the fireworks!

I want to ride my bike down, Gerry needs to drive. We’re going down early to park the car, then he and the kids will take the shuttle bus down and we can drive back home. I’ll toss the bike on the car – I don’t like the idea of facing the Summit Hill after a day of celebration (in the dark with lots of celebrants on the road…)

Life is good, and I’m – as always – very happy to be an American.

I can’t shake the, “pride is a sin” training from childhood, so let’s just say that I’m filled with a healthy self-respect, and I’m happier about the direction of my country (and STATE!) this year than I have been in a long time.

And everyone – take a moment to remember – Our “worst” is better than much of the world’s “best” – we’re very lucky! We could do things smarter, we could do things better, and we’re working toward that. But don’t ignore the distance we’ve come by focusing entirely on the length of the road ahead of us.

There will ALWAYS be miles to go. The poor will always be with us.

See, all that training, those memorization of 2 verses a week, never goes away…

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