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I feel like I’ve been firing on 3 pistons the past few weeks – I’ve been missing 2 of my favorite tools, and I’ve been bereft.

Somewhere in my ramblings around St. Paul I lost a knitting needle. Not just any needle, but one of my size 9 stilleto-point Signature needles. My beautiful, shiny, size 9 purple needle…

I had not realized quite how addicted I’d become to these needles until I tried to finish my current project with my old needles.

I’m working on the Black Prince Mini Dress, which is chock full of twisted stitches as part of the jacquard stitch pattern, and NO needle will twist a stitch as well as my Signatures.

They’re pricey, that’s the down side. They’re metal, which is not everyone’s cup of tea. But aside from those two points, they’re the best needles I’ve ever used.

So I wrote to my friends at Signature (they’ve become my friends, I’m VERY lucky) and – feeling my intense pain – they sent a replacement 14″ size 9 stiletto in the next mail.

And I finished the dress, so quickly my head was spinning!

Sometimes I hesitate to write much about friends’ businesses because even though I don’t have a financial affiliation, I do have an emotional connection – an investment – in my friends doing well.

So I make obtuse mention of Signature needles, but don’t come right out and say, TRY THESE NEEDLES!

Realizing what a difference they made in my knitting when I lost one has encouraged me to toot their horn, though!

I’d always used Inox needles, which I also love, because I love a long, metal needle. I’m odd that way – I realize that many folks like softer, warmer wooden needles. But I wear those out in one project (seriously) so I stick to my metals and knit like the wind!

But the points on the Signatures are so far superior to anything I’ve found on any other needle.

I write this knowing that each knitter is different, and some folks prefer a blunter tip – we all have our unique likes and dislikes.

Happily, Signature offers 3 tips; blunt, middy and stilleto. I’m a stiletto girl, and it’s as close as I’ll ever get to 4″ heels.

If you’re at an event where the Signature folks have a booth, PLEASE give these needle a try! Or if you take a class with me, I’m happy to lend mine out during class so folks can see what they’re like.

Block Head
I like to steam block; it’s faster, easier, and it works as well as any other blocking method I’ve used. Better than some! It’s true there are some fibers that require care when dealing with heat, but if one is circumspect, anything can be steam blocked.

But my Scunci steamer – my favorite (and I’ve tried a few) had met with an accident. I dropped it. Many times. And after much abuse the bottom was coming off and it wasn’t steaming anymore.

So with regret I put it aside (in the trash) and turned to the internets for a new one. And I found a BLUE ONE!! YAY! I love blue!

So now with my new (used) Scunci and my replacement Signature, I’m ready to knit and block myself into oblivion – hooray!

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