V A C A … (you know the rest…)

I’m too lazy to finish the word.

I’ve been a lazy blogger recently – sorry – but I’ve been a BUSY designer, and that’s why the radio silence!

Busy #1 – New Crochet Pattern
I have had a wild hair for a few months to work up a new crochet lace shrug, rather like my Lattice Lace that was in Interweave, but worked on a universal pattern format so that it can be made in any yarn for any size person.

So I did the math and worked up the Poppy Lace Crochet Cocoon, which makes me very happy! It was a blast to work up, and went very quickly.

The pattern’s up for sale here, I hope you’ll give it a try!

And for reading my blog you get 20% off when you buy it, just use the code “modeknit” when you check out…

The sample’s worked in Artyarns Ultramerino 4, which is a pure delight for crochet (and knitting, too!)

Busy #2 – Visiting Friends
Yes, that’s an important thing to do. If we’ve learned nothing from the past few years, it’s that time is short and when you have the chance to see some good friends, TAKE IT!

We traveled up to Pelican Lake to visit my friend Myrna & her husband, talk knitting, swat mosqitoes, eat some excellent food and watch Atticus get more love than he’s had all year!

On Saturday we stopped in Little Falls to visit the Lindbergh Homestead, took the tour and listened to the actresses depicting Lindbergh’s Mother, Grandmother and neighbor. At right is a photo of Lindbergh’s fly swatter.

It was interesting, but the highlight for us was when Hannah got to play Lindbergh’s piano! She did us proud! She also asked Lindbergh’s “neighbor” if there was a large Jewish community in Little Falls.

Then on to the Grant County Fair – which I call Herman Days – to meet up with Myrna and enjoy some lovely Irish music. Hannah petted chicks, Max ate hot dogs, Gerry slept and I hit my head. What a glorious weekend!

Myrna and I snuck up to Fargo on Sunday to go to the Fiber Arts Fest at Bonanzaville where we chatted with knitters, signed some books and listened to the drone of a knitting machine

(I swear if I’d had to hear that “Rrrratch, rrratch, rrratch” for 2 days I would have hung myself from one of the historically accurate rafters – it really set off my tinnitius!)

But, machine noises aside, it was a lovely fiber show and I was able to meet folks from 2 shops in the Fargo area (Boucle & Prairie Yarns). It was my first trip to either Dakota, and I’m hoping to get up there again soon to teach!

And I bought some buttons… Aren’t they pretty?

Busy #3 History on Two Needles
I’ve finished the Black Prince Mini, but now I’m working on the hood (which is, ironically, more difficult and taking more time than the dress!)

I want to use elements from the original (pointy hood, square face opening) and I want to size it for 4 different head circumfrences. That’s the rub – figuring the decreasing for all the sizes.

So far so good – it’s going well – but not as quickly as I’d expected. I’m almost done…

Busy #4 – Scheduling
The response to my plea for venues to teach at while on my way out to Rhinebeck was pretty good, and I’ve been spending a lot of time getting classes arraged, figuring out my schedule and trying to fill in the holes.

Busy #5 – MORE History on Two Needles
See these boxes? They’re FULL of yarn and I haven’t even opened 3 of them. How’s that for gratitude.

They’re for 4 pieces for HoTN and I need to get crackin’ I want to get each project to a ‘traveling stage’ where I can take it on the road with me while I’m in the UK and the East Coast!

Busy #6 – 1,000 Fabulous Hats

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