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We left St. Paul on Tuesday evening and arrived in London around noon. Neither Gerry nor I were able to sleep on the plane (damn!) so the long, long drive up to Scotland seemed to take forever!

We came armed with a few magnetic bumper stickers to alert folks around us that we’re from that place where they drive on the other side of the road. Fore warned is fore armed.

We cancelled the bike rental and just hit the road immediately, stopped and had a lovely meal and continued on. Unfortunately because of some rain, some traffic, some construction and bad cell phone connections we had crossed wires and didn’t arrive in St. Abbs until 10:00 pm!

But Louise was up and waiting for us, with a very nice cup of tea and a beautiful room with a big, soft bed! I don’t think Gerry and I have slept so well since – well – since I don’t know when. When we woke up, here was our view!

We visited Woolfish in the morning, a lovely shop which seemed to get a nice amount of foot traffic! I think it’s because it’s a holiday weekend here, but there seems to be SO many great yarns and interesting bits of things to see in such a compact space!

Louise’s daughter, Trudi, helps her in the shop and they both share a very sharp wit. We had a very fun visit – I’ll be back to day to speak to some of her customers and show them cabling without a cable needle! (Prince Charming makes an appearance in the UK!)

Louise showed us the cool trick of Arm Knitting (some fellow showed her the basics and she expanded on them) and she can knit up a lovely felt-able bag in just minutes. A very cool trick!

We then drove down to Eyemouth (wouldn’t it be funny to be an Ear, Nose & Throat doctor in Eyemouth?) for some prawns by the docks – feeding very fat seals – and a stop at the lovely cafe Questo with WIFI!! Yippee!! (BTW, WHO is Willie Spears, and doesn’t that sound more than a little like a Porn Star name?)

Gerry pointed this sign out to me. We both feel it’s a bad sign that all the meat products are named, “Donner” – but perhaps this is more of an American joke…?

I’m downloading Skype so I can chat with the kids – using our cell phone is insanely expensive, and I have leftover Skype time from last year, anyway! We just had a wonderful 10 minute call for 50¢ – well worth the trouble (and the kids could hear us wonderfully!)

We’re off now – I’ll hopefully find another cafe or hotel with some wifi and blog later!

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