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September and October are golden.

My favorite months, my favorite time of year! May is a close second, and I consider it very fortuitous that my mom, my daughter and myself were born in May, Oct and Sept respectively.

I’ve been doing some bits and pieces for the past few weeks – nothing too big – finishing up things for History on Two Needles and doing some small stuff (like my Chicken Hat? It’s worked up in – no kidding – Rooster yarn!)

But today I started a whole new project for the book and I’m VERY excited. It’s a pullover based on an anonymous portrait of Anne Boleyn, and so far, so good!

So when you look in my knitting bag today, you’ll see the yarn for the Bolyen Bodice (Tilli Tomas Milan and Beaded Milan) and yarn for a scarf (blueface leister superwash by HW Hammand)

You’ll also see my wallet (with a tiny sock knitted for me by Miriam Tegels), my bag of knit tools, a tissue and a bottle of Superfood Smoothie.

Today I biked. Hannah forgot her English assignment (The Most Powerful Person I Know) so I rode it over to her school.

I had to print it off of the computer, so of course I read it, and for a brief moment I was afraid she’d say I was the most powerful person she knew, and not in a good way (we had a not-terrific hair cutting incident, but her friends at school like her new “too short” cut so all is forgiven…)

The most powerful person she knows? Little Oliver. My friend’s baby is Hannah’s Most Powerful Person.

It was such a clever essay relating how the world jumps through hoops for him, that I had to smile.

And, of course, the power isn’t in the baby, but in the LOVE we have for the baby (who is a doll!)

And now I must return to the knitting, to the hat book, and the the pattern writing that always seems to be lurking in some dark corridor of my brain.

My life is a bizarre all-knit version of “Wait Until Dark”
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