1000 Hats!

The winners and runners up for 1,000 Fabulous Knit Hats have been selected, they are listed at the website, 1000fabulousknithats.com

THANK YOU to everyone who submitted an original hat for consideration in the Top 10!

Notifications of acceptance of the other 990 hats to be included in the book will be sent out by the end of the month, but please know that the chances are very good that if you haven’t heard from me yet that there’s a resolution problem, your hat is mostly likely in. We’re still going through the images, and they’re all very lovely!

The main reason a hat may not be included would be poor image quality, or a problem with the Grant of Rights form. We’re working hard to clear up any of these issues right now so that no one is excluded due to an easily fixable problem.

Stay tuned to 1000fabulousknithats.com for information on publishing dates and more book information. Because of the erratic hat submission schedule, the publishing schedule isn’t yet as firm as it might be, so I hesitate to post any projected print date. Please know that the publishers are aiming for Fall 2010, but this date may change.

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