Packing and Wrapping Up

I’ve pretty much decided to drive out to Rhinebeck for my teaching engagement. There are several reasons for this craziness:

1) It’s cheaper.

Flying, although not quite as expensive as it was a year ago, is still pricey.

But even more pricey are the rental car fees. Sometimes I can find a real bargain, but not this time. And the fact that my trip spans the East Coast from Mass to DC means either driving back and forth from a centrally located airport (NJ/NY) or arriving at one airport and leaving from another ($$)

So, all things considered, driving is much cheaper.

2) It’s easier.

Really. I like to drive, I hate to fly. I hate being cramped into a knee-crunching position for 3 hours, I hate waiting in line (not so much the lines, but the stomach turmoil as folks try to cut in line, etc., it just makes me nuts…)

I hate going through TSA, I hate dragging my suitcases over what seems like miles to and from carousels, gates, rental car agencies. Sorry, don’t mean to sound so hate filled today.

3) I can take more.

I can take many more books to sell to shops, I can keep my clothes hung up and nice looking, I can listen to my own library on CD, and I can TAKE MY BIKE! I have my own space to retreat to when I’m low or need recharging, and if necessary I can pull over and just rest (or ride my bike) for an hour.

Yes, it will take longer – I’m down with that. I have guilt – I should be home – but weighing all the options this seems the best route. No decision is ever perfect, and many aren’t easy. Once I’m back from this trip I’m not leaving again until January, so that’s a relief!

I’m going slow, stopping at various resting places on the way out and back, trying to drum up some interest in a ‘college tour’ next year. I would love to visit colleges (Hi Denison!) with knit clubs and do lectures (comedy routines) for the folks. It’s a well known fact that kids love yarn humor.

I’ll be in some of the most beautiful parts of the US in the most beautiful time of the year, and biking around Ohio, NJ, the Hudson Valley and Maryland will be a huge bonus in my trip – something I’m really looking forward to!

Gerry’s seeing his doc about upping his main medication, which is dandy with me. Winters are harder for him, the pain is more severe and he wants to crawl back into bed as soon as he gets up in the morning.

When I’m not here, that’s exactly what he does – and then he’s a night owl all night.

So we’re hoping with a bit more pain med he’ll be able to get through the days easier. I hate leaving right now, but this is a few months of mortgage, and that’s NOTHING for anyone to sneeze at these day’s, huh?

I’m devoting today and tomorrow to getting all my handouts in order, working up new swatches for some of my classes (I usually work up swatches right before I teach to re-acquaint myself with the class techniques) and just getting organized for a multi-venue teaching trip.

A year ago I was leaving for a different trip – to see my cousin at the end of her days – and that rainy, stormy 16-hour drive down to WV will remain in my mind forever as one of my darkest days. I miss her.

And with the dark is the light – this weekend was Hannah’s 13th birthday (13!) and she had a very FUN roller skating party! The kids had a blast, Hannah’s friends are SO wonderful, and it was a great success! Yay, Dad, for organizing it!

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