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In celebration of my decision to begin recording my blog posts* (I reserve the right to ONLY do this when I feel like it…) I’m giving a gift to a lucky blog reader!

We all know Harry Potter, many of us love Harry and his friends, but more than anything I adore Jim Dale’s interpretation of JK Rowling’s brilliant tale.

I have a NEW copy of the 10th anniversary recording of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone from the fine, fine folks at Random House Audio and I’d like to give it to a blog reader who can answer the following question:

In the picture to the right, what is Harry looking into?

Actually, anyone who posts a comment will be in the pot for the prize, I’m easy. I’ll pull a name at random and the lucky winner will receive the boxed set.

I will pick the winner on MONDAY, NOV 9th, so be sure you comment before midnight on Sunday night!

Fine Print: Do NOT post your address, email, or any of that stuff. If you’re the winner I’ll post your name (or nickname) here on my blog and also on Twitter, and at that point the winner should contact me and we’ll communicate privately so I can get the pertinent info to send this out.

Be warned, you will NOT get this lovely set unopened. Why? Because I’m listening to it right now (well, I couldn’t NOT listen to it…) so you’ll get it pre-listened to. But only once!

So post your comment – answer the question if you can – or just say something nice. If you say something mean you will NOT be in the pool for the prize.

I have more prizes coming in the next few weeks, lots of wonderful books have ended up on my doorstep and I’d like to share the wealth, so stay tuned!

*Audio Blog Posts
Starting with my Oct 29 post, I’m going to record my blog posts when I’m able because it seems like it will be fun. If it’s not, I’ll stop. If I’m bored, I’ll stop. If I’m boring, don’t listen…

I, myself, don’t read as many blogs as I might because I get sidetracked and have a hard time reading text online. It’s probably just me, but I like hearing things better. So I’ll be recording my blog posts and putting a link at the top of the post. Maybe I’ll roll them all into a podcast at some point, but that’s just too overwhelming right now.

I have to go have a lie-down on the fainting couch.

This probably should have been item one on the blog today, but I have a habit of burying the lead…

I HAVE AN OFFICE!! And this time I’m going to make it stick!

We have a squatter’s rights ethos in the house, and I’m not leaving this office except to eat and other stuff.

Originally we needed a 4-bedroom house because one room was going to be MY office. But when we moved in Gerry’s health took a nose dive, and he needed a place to call his own for his own purposes (mostly researching Multiple Myeloma, communicating with folks, etc.) so he kind of took over the office.

As he began getting stronger I kicked him out of the office and moved Max in there (it was larger than his bedroom) and took over Max’s old room as my shiny, bright, new office.

But I neglected to plant my butt in there and – by default – it slowly became Gerry’s office again. THAT’S what I get for going out on those danged teaching trips.

Well, I’ve kicked him out AGAIN! I’m not going to let this slide, and the onus is on ME to be in the office, work in the office, and make it my space.

After one day I’m already feeling much more focused, more able to think things through, and less distracted by the mailman, the cat, the kitchen, dirt in the hallway or folks passing through the living room (which is where I did most of my work before)

I’ll still knit in the living room, crochet in my own corner, bead in my bed… But the WORK I need to do (writing, making charts, research, emailing) will take place as much as possible in my office. Huzzah!


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