Circuitous (& Snow Covered)

If I had a mantra right now, it would represent the following by Rick Levine:

You may have a good idea of where you want to go now, but can’t find a clear way to get there. All of the roads in front of you appear to be more circuitous than you prefer, but there doesn’t seem to be a better route. Fortunately, whatever path you pick will probably straighten out tomorrow, so head off in the most sensible direction without worrying if you’ve made the best choice. There is more than one way to reach your destination.

Yep, drawing inspiration from my horoscope again.

The White House Hotel - Living Up To The Name Today

We’re in Keystone, S.D., off to see Mt. Rushmore today.  And it’s snowing.

And with the immediate roads in front of us curvy and snow covered, we’re taking our time and moving with care.

This trip was Gerry’s idea, I wasn’t 100% enthusiastic when he proposed it, but now I’m trying hard to convince him that it’s not a mistake, that seeing Mt. Rushmore in the snow is kind of a cool thing that most folks don’t see, and that the kids are having a great time. And so is Atticus.  Our house-guests back home are making sure the cats are happy in beautiful 70 degree St. Paul..!

The scenery on the way here was totally new for Gerry & the kids, we all enjoyed it so much, and we’re laughing together a lot.

However, I’m no fool.  I’m using my ‘upper hand’ to insist on seeing Laura Ingalls Wilder’s home in De Smet on the way back to St. Paul.  Did I mention it’s SEVENTY DEGREES there today? If necessary, I will trump the Corn Palace (or we’ll just make a brief visit) Just sayin’

BTW, If you’re a twitter-er, you should DEFINITELY follow @HalfPintIngalls She’ll make you laugh!

2 thoughts on “Circuitous (& Snow Covered)

  1. Skip the Corn Palace. We stopped there around this time of year and, trust me, there is *NOTHING* to see. The ONLY time to see the Corn Palace (if there is one) is when it’s fully “corned” later in the year. We were sooo sorry we had spent the time to drive off the highway to get there. Seriously! And we luv tourist-traps. Save the time and energy for LIW’s house – no doubt it will be much more compelling and lovely! (it’d HAVE to be!) ;~)

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