Stirling Is Good

Graffiti Is Bad

For the first time since last October, I taught two classes back to back today.  It’s something I used to do with very little thought, but now it’s a huge consideration.

The classes were both amazing – such wonderful, kind and funny knitters, so eager and ready to learn, so thrilled with the tiny tips we all shared among ourselves.

The first was my Combination Class, always a good one.  This was a very smart group, though, so I was able to toss a LOT of stuff at them.

My afternoon class was supposed to be Lorilee’s Continental Knitting Class.  I felt as though I might be letting the women down a bit, not being Lorilee, but by the end of the class I felt secure that I’d given them a good time and they learned a lot.  Good times!

Today were some of the most enjoyable classes I’ve taught, and the location cannot be beat!  Stirling is an amazingly beautiful place.  Before lunch yesterday I rode around the loch, a lovely trip, and then rode around campus.

Bike at the Loch

Today I went for a nice ride into Bridge of Allan, then headed off to the Tesco in Stirling (I passed over the old stone bridge to get there)

Why am I riding?  Partly for sanity – being on a bike keeps me focused and happy.  And partly for pain.  I cannot lie, I’m aching and just sitting on the edge of a mighty flare up.

I’m being sensible, missing some of the fun stuff I’d like to engage in (the Stitch & Bitch talk tonight) and using the energy I have to do some stretching and bike riding to keep the pain levels in check.

Stormy Stirling Sky

I’m certain I’ll be dandy, the beds here are very comfy and every morning I wake up a new person, but right now I’m feeling the fibro in a HUGE way.

There are several women here who also suffer from fibromyalgia – we’ve been comparing notes on what works for us, it makes me feel less alone.  I wonder if we’ll have a chance to just sit and chat during the next few days!

While on my bike today I took some great photos, the decision to rent this was wonderful, I’m SO glad I have it!

Haggisdog - Ask For It By Name!

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  1. Hang in there Annie. I know how you feel because I am just coming out of a flare. It almost feels like I’m in an alternate universe when it hits. I’m glad the biking and rest seem to be woking well for you.

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