So damn drunk, so damn happy….

I’m  in Scotland.  SCOTLAND.  FREEDOM!

And I’m a little drunk.  Did I mention I was in SCOTLAND.

Missing Gerry.


Missing the kids.

Miss you Hannah (best daughter EVER!) and Max (AMAZING son) and I wish I was with you.  Wish it so hard that if wishes could come true I’d be in NJ right now.

Today a truck hit me.  I’m fine. You wouldn’t even know from the damage to the car, just a dent in the side panel, but there it is.

I take out American Express insurance when I travel, now we’ll see how it REALLY flies.  Just fine, I’m sure.

Sweet jaysus in the manger, I’m ready for some good news.

SO I arrived at Di Gilpin’s after driving through every inch of fyfe and now I’m a little – ahem – happy with the cider.  It IS gluten free, you know.  Life is good.

And cider is good.

And I am good.

And I am hoping that my insurance is good.

And the weekend was good.

And I’d like to be in a fetal position until I see Gerry again on Friday.

And then it will ALL be good.  I miss my guy.

Why is it when you’re a little – ahem – happy – even being a trifle ill can be a religious experience?  Who knows.  I’m not there yet.

What the world needs is more drunk blogging. Mark my words.  Did I mention the spider?  I named him Bruce.

BTW – here’s what I bought Max today

And here’s what I’m listening to right now

12 thoughts on “So damn drunk, so damn happy….

  1. Oh, Annie…. and they say Ireland is the place where you need to take the best insurance you can get! Sorry to hear Scotland got you! I love the Kilt towel…. I’m a Fraser, from Invernesshire… found out as an adult that the Frasers who emigrated were handweavers, so I guess it is in the genes!

    I love your posts! Have just moved from Ridegewood, NJ to Deerfield NH and find the fiber people much thicker on the ground here. Hope all goes well for you up there in the highlands!

  2. Loved the post! Loved the music! Cider is great! Kilt towel made me laugh – my hubby is Scottish American and I think he needs one. I do so admire your zest for life and am so happy that you are out and about having fun. Enjoy whatever the universe is offering!

  3. Hi Mom!

    I wanted to leave you a comment because I really miss you 🙂 I’m sorry you got hit by a truck. I thought it actually hit YOU at first and then I realized it was your car and was a bit relieved.

    DRINK MORE CIDER. I heard it’s good for you.

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