Making The Move

I’m making the move over to my new classrooms, the ones I’ve been setting up, and I’m filled with so much excitement and – well – a bit of fear, too!

I’ve been on a self-guided full-out Word Press & Plug Ins “course”, and it’s been very exciting!

Two of my classrooms are all set to go – How To Knit Free and Lace Bootcamp.  I’m moving the other classes over in phases, but from this point on all new HTK and LBC students will be sent over to the new classrooms at the new website.

And the new website is…

(or you can also get there by typing in uknitversity – just a funny thing I did – I grab domains when I think of them, sometimes…)

You can go and register, look around, and even sign up for classes.  I’m still handing the fulfillment manually (I’m sending the invitation to the classroom emails myself) because I’m still trying to get that part to go very smoothly.

But for all intents and purposes, the NEW classroom will have the same functionality as the ning classrooms.

There aren’t as many bells and whistles, and I’ve made an conscious decision to not have the discussion forums, but I DO have a Question page for the site where you can post a question and I’ll answer it.

So take a stroll through the class, register if you’d like (it’s free!) and let me know what you think!

…and now you know why I’ve been so quiet – I’ve been working.  Really!

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I knit weird and I enjoy showing others how to find the joy and intuitiveness within their OWN knitting! We don't knit to make THINGS, we knit to make OURSELVES HAPPY!

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  1. Annie
    You may remember me from UK Knit Camp: I was the lady “the neat knitter” with the hearing problem in your Double Knitting class. I wanted to contact you regarding the financial fallout after Knit Camp, but I didn’t want to discuss it in public on this site. I wanted to email you, but I could’t find an email address on your blog, or website. Kind regards, Hilary.

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