Fear Not…

You don’t need a password!

I was remiss in not explaining yesterday that I’d put a few posts up ‘on spec’ for some folks to look at.  I wanted them to be able to view the content within the world of my blog, but wanted to keep the content itself private for a brief period.

It will go live soon – I should have handled it better!

But thank you for the emails and comments asking if a password is now required – it’s not!  I’ve been blogging more slowly and infrequently than in the past because I have a lot of projects I’m working on (design projects, book projects) and that’s kept me busy.

But I’m still here, I’m still free (well, free for blog readers… Never a password here, but you’ll need one if you sign up for one of my great classes!) and I’m eating a delicious gluten free oatmeal bar that I baked up last night.  Yum!

Thanksgiving was absolutely wonderful!  For the first time in a few years I did it up and we had company over.  It was my first gf holiday, and I think I over-prepared (no one could TOUCH the gf noodles I’d made, we were all too stuffed with yams, mashed potatoes, greens, gf stuffing and turkey!) The leftovers have been wonderful – it’s stunning to have so much delicious gf food in my fridge all week.

I just sent off the poncho and I’m working up a small collar / cowl for Artyarns (using their new bulky ultra merino – it’s very cool stuff!) I finished a hat & mittens for a small yarn company and I’m waiting for some yarn for a new project for Robyn Chachula’s next crochet book.  I adore Robyn.

I’m pretty psyched that some of my favorite fiber folks, Ron & Theresa from Buffalo Gold will be at StevenBe’s over in Minneapolis on Thursday.  I’ll see them then, and on Saturday they’ll be coming over for dinner (FINALLY they get to meet Gerry!)

So another big weekend in the plans.  Maybe I’ll get to whip up some more gf noodles?  Maybe I’ll actually get to EAT some!

7 thoughts on “Fear Not…

  1. I’m gluten free too! Love to get some of your recipes. I found the link to your blog on the Signature needle site. I’m glad I found your blog. 🙂

  2. I also have active fibromyalgia. Are you on a GF diet because it helps the fibromyalgia or
    because you also have celiac disease? I also have arthritis and diverticulosis. I go for
    acupuncture every week and this keeps me going.

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