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Imperial Ranch Poncho 3

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I’m not at TNNA (The National Needlework Association semi-annual convention), but I have a few designs there on display.

Here’s one of my recent favorites, worked up for Imperial Ranch Yarns.

I’d contacted them for some yarn to use for a piece in History on Two Needles, which started an email conversation, and this poncho was the result.  I love it when stuff like that comes together well.

It worked up very quickly (it was my NaNoKnitMo project) and the plaid is – seriously – not terribly complicated!

I think IR did an AMAZING job photographing this! The colors in the photo are so bright (as they are in person) and the model is perfect! You can see a few more shots of this at my flicker page.

To those of you in sunny Long Beach – have a fruity drink & think of me!

11 thoughts on “Missing TNNA

  1. Divine is the only word that comes to mind! I was told many years ago by a rather snooty LYS owner in NY that one could not knit plaid. I was longing to do a chanelesque jacket since the real thing was out of my budget. Who knew???

  2. Please jump into your way-back machine! My best friend and I are turning 50 this year, so I want to make her a red hat. I found your pattern in the 2006! crochet pattern calendar called Crochet Picture Hat. Can’t figure out how you ended each rnd (join or use a marker and spiral) and my rnds are not ending up so I can start as you say to. Might this be one of those patterns where yopu made it and went back and wrote what you did? In this case I should just make aech row be all it can be. Or am I doing something wrong?

  3. This poncho is another one of your mind twisting, detailed and unique designs to hit the knitting world. I love it and especially that the yarn comes from my home state stomping grounds. One of my good friends grew up on a ranch in Oregon and to him going into Maupin was like going into town so I know where that yarn is born and bred. Talk about buying local.

    I just finished Sideways Spencer Redux and all told I probably finished it in two weeks because I just couldn’t wait to find out what was going to happen next. It’s such a genius puzzle and I loved all the I-cord finishing which I always assumed would be too tedious to endure. It took me a while to figure out why I was doing the dkss and then the light bulb went on! Anyway, the finished product fit perfectly because I trusted you on the steam blocking video and went for it.

    I am getting ready for one of your hats this spring. You know I love them. I feel like a genius myself after I finish one of your patterns. They are not difficult and plenty of fun.

    As ever, Kathryn

  4. I missed seeing you at TNNA although I suspected you would not be there given how you’ve been feeling. I still looked for you though.

    And it wasn’t all that sunny and it was cold, by out standards.

    But I enjoyed seeing all the new stuff and running into a few people I’ve known over the years.

  5. Hi Annie-
    I saw this in person at TNNA and I was blown away. It is beautiful and an excellent representation of you at the show. I cannot believe the knitting that you produce. The credit cannot go to the needles, regardless of the fact that they are Signature Needles! Congratulations to Max the Man! So much to celebrate. You are amazing.

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