Furiously Working

When I’m quiet for these extended periods you can be certain it’s one of two things:

1) Either I’m having a fibro flare up and I’m laying low,
2) Or I’m working so hard on so many different deadlines that I can hardly stop to breathe!

Happily, for the past weeks it’s been the latter!

I’ve been designing, working, planning, dreaming, video taping and busy, busy, busy every minute of the day. Have you noticed the new website design at anniemodesitt.com (it’s so chic and sleek!)

My Knitting Millinery class is FINALLY ready to go this weekend (yay!) and I’ve got more than 25 signups since I announced it last week.  That’s faster than I thought – and it makes me glad that I offered my new, upgraded Knitting Millinery book as a free gift to the first 50 folks who sign up (btw, there’s still room…)

The longer daylight hours really increase my ability to sustain a workload – I’m SO looking forward to Spring that I can hardly wait!

Oddly, when we lived in NJ I knew that Summer would mean days – and weeks – of temperatures in the upper 90’s to 100’s, and I would just DREAD the onset of Spring.

I loved May, I loved October, but the months in between were just too danged hot for me.

Out here in Minnesota it’s true that the Winters are long and hard; very rough at times.  But the promise of Spring, Summer and Fall are so sweet that (for me) it more than makes up for it.

Every person is built differently, but this is the weather for me.  It’s ironic that I had to come to such a cold place to fully enjoy, appreciate – and love – Summer.


I’d love to start offering my classes as downloadable files and DVDs, it’s just getting around the logistics of that.  I hate the idea of forcing folks to log onto an online classroom if they’d rather just have the information in a portable file.  Still pondering on that one!

I’ve just sent in a few designs for Interweave and I’m working up a few more.  I have some submissions to go out to some other magazines, and I’m working hard on History on Two Needles and a new book idea I won’t yet mention.


I allowed myself to get off balance this past year – to let comments worm their way deep inside of my psyche – and it was a mistake.  Who knew that finally at 50 I’d begin to learn not to let folks get into my head? Have I learned that?  Will I ever learn that?

BIG lessons this past year have included ignoring the idle chatterers who don’t have anything good to add to the conversation, while at the same time listening to constructive comments that will help me become a better teacher / person / knitter.  It’s a constant struggle, but ultimately the perception that matters is the truth I try to find in my own heart.

Another big lesson has been letting go of anger, pain and inertia; allowing folks to make the same mistakes that I’ve made so often in my life.  I’ve fallen short so many times, why should I carry around a scorecard of the mistakes of someone else?

If I want forgiveness and redemption, then I have to be prepared to give at least that much.  Even if someone hasn’t asked (or doesn’t really care) whether I ‘forgive’ them, it’s healthier for me to move to a kinder place and just assume the best.

Facing these things, especially in the past few months, has allowed me to contemplate going out on the road again to teach.  Strength through humility, huh?


I’ll be traveling to Ohio for TNNA in mid-June, and would love to set up teaching engagements on the way out and on the way back from Columbus.  I will also be traveling out to Michigan in October, and I’m contemplating driving.

If you own – or know of – a shop in this general area who would like to host me, this will be a great chance to get in on a multi-city tour (which means diminished travel costs for everyone!)  I’ve set up a new page with upcoming teaching engagements, please contact me if you own or manage a venue that would like to host me!

Possible Teaching Area - June 2011

I’d love to stay in the blue / orange areas, but of course that’s not carved in stone!  If I get 2 or more engagements in New England, or Tennessee/MO, or up in Michigan, it will probably make it worthwhile to drive there.


I have fear as I start to set up teaching dates again, and I hate admitting it.  But I’ve lived my knitting/teaching life pretty out there for all the world to see, so why not be honest about this, too?

Here are my fears, in stark black and white –

Will my health hold up?  Based on how well I did last year, and how well I’ve been feeling in general this year with no gluten, good exercise and Vitamin D3, I’m feeling very positive about setting up some teaching trips like I used to take.

Have I ‘lost it’ as a teacher?  Am I past my prime?  Do I have anything worthwhile to impart to folks?  I’m working up new ideas for classes (and I’d be thrilled to get your input on what you’d like to take) but there’s always that nagging feeling that I’m just not up to snuff.

The online classes have been brilliant at forcing me to distill my teaching into better, more nutritious bites.  Going on the road will mean adding some whipped eggwhites to soufflé some of my knitting techniques so they’re better for a large and varied audience.  Can you tell I’ve been watching a lot of Top Chef?  Go Team Carla!

I can feel a growth in knitting coming, and I can feel the economy growing, too.  I feel this is a great time to get myself back out on the road.  I could use the in-person energizing, that’s for certain!

I’ve been chatting casually with friends about teaching in Holland (a biking, knitting kind of tour) and I’d love input on that, too!  I’ve never been to Holland, but I know so many amazing knitters from that lovely, bike-friendly country (including the fastest knitter in the world, Miriam Tegels!)

Well, I see our time is almost up.  I’ve enjoyed having this session with you, thank you.

14 thoughts on “Furiously Working

  1. My husband and I took a short trip to Holland 30-some years ago when we were stationed in Germany and it was great! I’ve always wanted to go back. In Germany, all the houses had machine-made lace at the windows, but in Holland, it sure looked like all the windows had crocheted lace! Awesome!

    And we found a really good bookstore in Amsterdam. The Rijksmuseum was great, the Keukenhof was great, Delft was great…

  2. Regarding your thoughts on making your classes into CDs, check out what Rachael Ray has done with her latest cookbook _Look and Cook_. In addition to the recipes, there are photos of step-by-step of her cooking process. Purchasing the book also gives access to a website where you can cook along with her videos. I really think this would expand into your teaching methods beautifully. Of course, I’m talking through my hat when it comes to how much something like this would cost, but you have a husband who is a videographer, right? Maybe you could collaborate. Just sayin’


  3. Delurking here to say hi from Holland (or the Netherlands as we are officially named). I love your blog and would love to take lessons from you (if my schedule allows it). Hope to see you in the Netherlands!

  4. I hope you get a gig in the Netherlands – I bet you’d love it! No, I haven’t even been there myself (yet), but always enjoy vicarious travel with you.

  5. So wish you were dipping a little further south–like into Oklahoma–would sooooooo love to take a class with you again!!! Roz

  6. Since you’ll be well prepared for your classes, I don’t think it possible that you’re ‘past your prime’. I haven’t taught or lectured in quite a few years, but did a presentation recently and felt really good about it. Plus, I did it without a mike and could be well heard.

  7. Annie, not to worry about teaching again. Teaching is like riding a bike–once you know how, you don’t forget. In fact, with the insights you’ve gained in the last year, you will be a better teacher than ever. Go for it!!!
    Your friend in Alberta, Grammilou

  8. I’m glad you’re feeling better! I had signed up for your free beginners class last year (oh my, has it been that long already?!) got ran over by work/life and never did start it. Maybe someday. One thing I’d like with a downloaded file or DVD for classes is not needing a speedy connection. Based on the few Utube things I’ve watched, I need to allow about 10 times (minimum) the the amount of them a video says to get it downloaded and then hit replay to watch. I literally start the videos and walk away. We could get a fa$ter connection, but I also notice the words “up to” regarding the speed. Not sure the extra $50/month is worth it.

    I’m going to forward this post to the 2 shops that have knitting, maybe one will take you up on the offer, or combine forces to do so.

  9. A biking/knitting thing in Holland sounds great! And that might be something I could try to get on because I’m living in Germany.

    And it’s nice to hear from you again.

  10. Whooo… I’d love to have you come to our LYS… I don’t own or manage it though so I guess I’ll have to put a bug in their ears. (and we’re a little north of your orange area)

  11. The world needs more intermediate and advances classes that don’t involve a several hundred dollar convention ticket and/or a plane ride. So don’t even think about quitting for those reasons! I’m in Ann Arbor; I hope you’ll come our way. I don’t have a shop but you would be welcome to join us at Knit Night at the coffeeshop. 🙂

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