Guess What I Just Picked Up?

Knitting Millinery is BACK and it’s BETTER THAN EVER!

I revised it, updated all the charts (they’re legible!) and added new photographs. I metric-ed all the measurements and clarified some shaping questions. And the book ended up a bit shorter (huh?) but that’s dandy!

When I first created Knitted Millinery it was in a rush for a group class I was teaching.  I just had 100 books printed up and sold off the extras, and before I knew it I’d sold a few thousand.

But I have NEVER been happy with the quality of the images or the charts.  I really just created the book as a class aid and an alternative for folks who wanted to purchase several of my hat patterns (it just seemed WRONG to charge so much for each individual pattern when I could include five in a book for a lot less…)

So here’s the new, blue, improved and lovely book – I’m very proud of it, and it is now available here and will soon be available (again) through Amazon AND as a Kindle Book (my first!)

65 pages, Paperback
Wire-O Binding

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Five amazing wire brimmed hats to create using millinery and hand-knitting techniques.

If you bought an early copy of Knitting Millinery and would like to “trade up” I would love to extend a 50% discount on the price of the NEW Knitting Millinery.

Email me with your purchase details (if you bought it online I can look you up in my databse, if you bought it in person, tell me where and when) then I’ll send you the discount code for 50% off.

Yeah, it’s kind of honor-systemish, but I expect nothing less than honor-ability from my great readers!

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