So, what are you doing in late September?

For the first time in years (7 years?) I’ll be holding my own Knitting Retreat.

When: September 23-25
Where: Lake Koronis near Paynesville, MN
at the BugBee Hive Resort Center.

$295pp Double Add to Cart
(twin or full bed in a shared room)

$350pp Single Add to Cart
(your own room, availability limited)

Non-refundable deposit of $100 required to hold a space. Group size limited to 16 participants.

The last time I did this it was a BLAST – it was back in Vermont, and I wanted to do it again the moment the last one was over.

Photo: Bugbee Hive Resort

I guess this type of retreat falls somewhere between an intensive, life and mind altering episode, and a lazy weekend of sitting and knitting.

It will be a day of classes (or not, class attendance is NOT mandatory!) nested in 2-1/2 days of lovely lakeside MN Autumn atmosphere.  There’s a hiking/bike path nearby, and the lake is beautiful!


I tried to keep the price reasonable, it covers food, lodging and a Saturday morning class on Colorwork (pattern for my Imperial Poncho included) and an afternoon class on Charted Entrelac (a new take on an exciting knitting technique).

Colorwork Class

I’m keeping my September retreat small, only 16 participants.  But if it goes well I may do it again and make it a bit bigger next time!

In the mean time, I’ve been receiving a LOT of interest in my classes and have set up a new “gigs page” where you can see where and when I’ll be teaching in the future.  Check it out – and let me know if you’re a shop, group or guild that would like me to come and teach!

5 thoughts on “So, what are you doing in late September?

  1. I’d love to go, but I guess knowing how to knit would be a good first step before taking up a space in your retreat. I’m glad to see your calendar is filling up with classes, I did forward the “pass the word” post to a couple of knitting/yarn shops locally. Nothing on your calendar (yet), but I’ll keep hoping!

  2. I’d like to go, but I have a few questions….

    I’d like to bring my partner with me, but she doesn’t knit. Will that decrease the number of other people you’d accept (only 14 more, or 15 more?) I’d hate to take a space away from a knitter.

    And I see the $100 deposit. When is the rest of the amount due? At the time of the retreat?

    • Hey Colleen,

      The resort can definitely accommodate extra folks, I just want to keep the knitting group to 16 (including me and a few helpers). So the answer is, Yes! If your partner comes, we may even be able to arrange a separate cabin for you guys if the 2 big knitting cabins fill up!

      The rest of the amount is due in late August/early September. You’ll be paypal invoiced for it.

      I hope to see you!

  3. Hi! I am very interested in this retreat but was wondering if you might be able to guesstimate the age range. You probably won’t know at this stage, but I was wondering if you had a rough idea. I might be on the younger side (28) and just wanted to check if I would stick out like a sore thumb.
    Many thanks,

    • So far I have one 70+ and one -30, two folks in their 30’s are ready to commit, and my guess is that the range will be upper 30’s – 50’s for the most part with a few over and under.

      I want to stress, though, that I feel we do FAR too much segregation by age in our culture! We’ve been brainwashed to feel we have nothing in common with folks who weren’t born in the same 3-7 year period we were born in, but that’s not true.

      It was lovely when many generations shared one home, from baby to grandma, and I think it taught us a LOT about how universal the human condition is, regardless of age!

      I hope this helps!

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