Hunker Not

Tuesday, April 19, 2011 By Rick Levine

(Aug 23 – Sep 22)

You prefer that no one messes with your schedule today because you know exactly what should be done and just want to get on with it. You aren’t happy wasting any time having to explain yourself to others.

Nevertheless, it isn’t smart to alienate your friends and family. Seek ways to maintain your focus without cutting yourself off from the love and support that’s available to you now.

Once again, Mr. Levine is right on track for me.

I’m in hunker down mode, having sold several designs in the past weeks and waiting on yarn for most of them.

A Partial List of Things To Do

– Thankfully my first sweater assignment due (which is one of the more tedius – size 5 needles, lace & cables, ruffles) was the first yarn to arrive.

Not so thankfully (or intelligently) I agreed to the urgent email, “Would you please design a sweater like this for us…” before I heard what the deadline is, and it’s an insane one.

– An article I’d turned in early last week needs significant re-writing in one section (re-thinking, really…) but I didn’t get the changes until yesterday so while I knit and work up pattern worksheets I’ll be pondering the best way to explain how I deal with math, and even harder, how to put it in writing.

– Three projects I’ve recently sold are due June 1, but I don’t have yarn for them – or even know what yarn will be used.  I can get the schematics drawn, and a skeleton pattern, but until I have a gauge to plug in, it’s hard to make other decisions.

My designs are like brides who’ve been arranged in marriage,
I only hope the grooms (yarn choices) will live up to their expectations.

– I’ve agreed to do a design for an Australian magazine, but that’s not due until September and the yarn’s just arrived, so I’m in heaven with that one.

– I’m finalizing details for my trip to Ohio and for my September retreat, and I’m far behind in sending out an email with trip dates, etc.  THAT has to happen very soon…

– And there’s a purse I’m working on for another magazine, which is absolutely AMAZING!  I’ve figured a way to create a snap closure for it, but there’s the theory behind it – and then there’s the practice – and finally there’s the showing others how to go from theory to practice.

This will involve some time with tools and my sewing machine, which I’ll already have open because…

– There are some neckline fit issues with Amanda’s dress.  So she pinned it as I showed in some images I sent her, and it should arrive today, ready to have four new darts added to the front and back necklines to make the fit better.

I wish I’d finished the dress while I was in Chicago, then I would have seen any discrepancies there and could have fixed them right away, but I was SO exhausted on that trip (driving is tiring and my breathing was insanely bad) that I just didn’t see how I could have.  Hindsight is 20/20.

– I have sensational photographs taken for most of the HoTN garments by Jen Simonson, but have barely had time to go through them.  Damn.  They’re SO good!  And I’m entering into an agreement with Coop Press to publish the book so THAT will relieve some of my stress.  Shannon’s agreed to be the buffer between myself and whatever tech editor she uses, which is always helpful.

– I’ve had a brilliant idea for a series of patterns, and this is weighing on my mind and yarn arrives for these projects and I can’t get to it because of the sea of fiber which must be crossed first.

So my task for the next few days is to get through all the garbage work for which I’m grateful, while at the same time not shutting the rest of the world out.

I wish I could show images from these projects, but as they’re not for me alone, I can’t.  But I’ll try to sneak in some technique shots that don’t give away the whole project when I am finished (and settled) with all of the work.

Did I mention we’re having our Seder on Thursday?  I’m glad it wasn’t last night – I don’t think I could have managed!  And it’s supposed to snow.

4 thoughts on “Hunker Not

  1. I have been meaning to mention how interesting it is that more and more young knitters seem to be picking up combination knitting either by learning it from a friend or relative or somehow coming up with it on their own or from finding it on YouTube.

    Until I started working in a yarn shop a few years ago I hadn’t been exposed to any other type of knitting beyond Continental and British/NoAmerican. I found myself fascinated by other knitting styles. I read articles and books and looked at as many videos I could get my hands on about knitting in alternative styles. I was surprised to find how many variations exist in this interesting world.

    I do think it is past time to stop considering any alternative to the typical style “weird” and it is certainly not “wrong” or “not as good as”…as I am fond of saying, if it hangs together and you’re pleased with it– go for it! I do make sure those using alternative styles know what style they use and that they understand the implications of it regarding using ‘typical’ patterns and how stitches are constructed and sit on a needle.

    Thank you for popularizing your style. I have considered that I may be using combination knitting before long as my hands have arthritis and I think this style puts the least amount of pressure on the hands.

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