2×4 Masquerading as a Weekend

I haven’t done a full post on the fibro for a while, and that’s because it’s been pretty well controlled with all the stuff I’ve cataloged here in the past (Vit D3, gluten free diet, regular exercise)

But every now and then it just rears up and whacks me on the back of the head with a metaphysical 2×4.  Or maybe it’s a real one, I can’t really see back there.

I was looking forward to this weekend for quite a while – it’s Yarnover weekend here in MN, and StevenB was having his Fiber Frenzy celebration so I knew a lot of folks would be in town.  My friend London was also selling some of her yarns and candles at Craftstravaganza over at the state fairgrounds (right next to the Bike Expo!) and there were recycling compost bins to be picked up.  A rich and full weekend.

I’ve been biking a LOT – trying to average 6 miles a day by getting in 18 or so miles during this blustery spring, when it seems that 2 or 3 days go by with out a chance to ride.  When I finish a long ride I feel tired, but also very energized – and I can feel all of my body aches subside as I ride.  My bike, the advil.

But after teaching at Steven’s on Thursday (a REALLY great class filled with truly gifted students!) and schmoozing briefly with folks, I just felt insanely tired.  I know this feeling – a special weak-in-the-bones kind of tiredness, so I crossed my fingers that it wasn’t what I thought and hopped on my bike to ride home.

But it was.  Yesterday was rainy, windy, cold and my body reacted accordingly.  It’s harder for me, these cold days after a few days of warmth.  It’s as if my physical self is just so PO’d at the weather that it will take it out by having a fibromyalgia flare up.  There, I guess I showed ME.

I’ve learned not to make a lot of plans, especially ones that involve meeting a lot of people when THEY have schedules that have to be coordinated, too.  So I’d kept to myself and hadn’t reached out to most of my friends who were going to be in town this weekend for the Yarnover.  Perhaps this was a premonition.

At any rate, I missed seeing just about everyone from Yarnover because I was moving pretty slow.  And I feel so bummed about it.  I stand at my window and wave as the planes fly out of MSP – goodbye Cheryl, Clara, Jared, Melissa, Lily, Merike, Cat – goodbye everyone!

2 Lovely New Friends

I did help London out at the expo, but mostly from a sitting position, and THAT wore me out for the day. It was so much fun, though, to meet great knitters (this beautiful mom knew that she knew me, so I helped her figure out how…)

Later in the day I popped in for a very brief “Helloo!” over at Steven’s to see Nicky Epstein (who I adore) and Mary-Heather & Sarah from Ravelry (who I also adore), and I was absolutely knackered.

Today I have to bow out of seeing Nicky again – and I’m very sad.  I’ve already had one nap today and I could probably take another before anyone missed it.

I’m sure I could drag my sorry butt into the PT cruiser and drive over, but I think I’d be unfit company (and a tiny red battery would appear on my forehead denoting a need for a recharge.)

So apologies to Nicky and Steven (who hosted some AMAZINGLY wonderful get togethers and classes this weekend!) but I’m here, stuck in my chair, waiting for the bagel my daughter’s toasting for me (a gluten FREE bagel!) and hoping the sun will come out as promised by The Weather Channel at 6pm.

At least I can get other work done while I’m sitting here – I made a great start on a lace entrelac poncho, and I’m finishing up a cotton lace project for Knitting Today.  In this respect I’m VERY lucky.

9 thoughts on “2×4 Masquerading as a Weekend

  1. Boy-oh-boy, do I relate to the Fibromyalgia and “predicting” the weather change. I live in IL and our spring can’t decide if it’s “Spring” and has been bouncing back and forth to and from winter. My daughter calls me to ask if my “barometer” is going off before she washes her car!

    I wanted to pass on some new info about FM treatment.I take the Vitamin D3 and just recently my dear NP, Lauren, suggested that I give “Deplin(folate, the final form of Folic Acid that our bodies use). It’s supposed to help, even if your Folic Acid levels are normal, with focus, concentration, and memory. Lauren said she has been hearing good reports about it’s results. So, though it’s a little costly – especially since it isn’t yarn 🙂 – I’m giving it a go.

    The effects of the last 20 years on my memory (as well as the physical toll) precludes my working as an RN and has begun to limit my “fiber” work severely because I lose focus and can’t remember what I just did. SO…I am excited to see what this will do for me! It can’t hurt anyway, and I just might be able to regain my memory.


  2. Oh, I relate, too. I live in Michigan and have had such a hard time this spring – actually all winter, with all the storms going through. I am doing much better with my other arthritis now that “spring” has come, so I been trying to increase my exercise to deal with the fibro and the weather changes just knock me on my butt.

    I’m really impressed at your bike riding that far. Hang in there and the real spring will show up some time and we can all do more. But it is so disappointing not to do what you long to do, isn’t it?

  3. I am so sorry that you got “slammed with a 2×4!”. Boy you sure have lost weight though. That picture shows it so congrats on that. I am sure the change in the weather would have made it worse but take care of YOU so you can continue to do the good work you do! ((((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))))))

  4. Even without fibro, this weather has been fatiguing.

    Your class was the bomb, by the way. And I heard it from more than one person who doesn’t know you as a knitting buddy, too!

  5. Hi, annie-this is kind of weird that I’m contacting you this way, but my computer won’t connect to your email, and I can’t find your email address any where. Could you provide your email address; I would like to register for your June Canton, Ohio class. Hope you read this-thanks. sharon

  6. This might sound kind of shallow compared to the other comments but I just wanted to say you look fabulous in that battery photo – and that hair cut is full out adorable on you!

  7. That stinks! I hate missing out on friends and fun ,though I can totally relate in a slightly different way. I live in Houston, Texas. The heat kicks my fibromyalgia into overdrive. If you know this area you know we only have anything even slightly cool for about 3 months, so I spend a ton of time inside and couch bound. This year has been particularly tough, as we have hit the 90’s since April with our lovely heat index.

    I hope you break out of this flare soon and start feeling better. Your true friends totally understand if you miss them a time or two.

    • Hey Shannon,

      The heat is VERY hard on me, too! That’s one of the benefits of MN, although it does get pretty cold in the winter. But I’m useless when it’s too hot, and I’m not very pleasant to be around then, either!

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