Hit Me With Your Best Shot!

Friday, May 13, 2011 By Rick Levine

(Aug 23 – Sep 22)

You know what you need to do to reach your current goal; however, you might actually prefer to be doing something very different now. Your struggle over this apparently irresolvable dilemma can be very intense.

Thankfully, you have a greater degree of control than you think.

Remember that your happiness is not dependent on any one event, but rather on how you respond to life’s twists and turns. Your resilience may be tested today, but you’re up for the challenge.

Instinctively I knew (know?) that today will be a MUST WORK HARDER day.  So when Hannah told me she needed a ride to school (missed bus, taking out garbage, long story) I jumped on it (shoving Gerry out of the way, sorry Honey) and used my escape from home to discover a new cafe where I will work today.

For whatever reason, I tend to get more done when I’m at a cafe or coffee shop.  Go figure.

It doesn't look like much here, but believe me - it's SPECTACULAR!

So here I am at Java Train, with my chai latte and computer, about to put the latter away so I can concentrate on the former and my knitting.

Which is coming along BEAUTIFULLY, by the way.  I’m more pleased with this current jacket than I’ve been with anything in a long time – and I’ve been pretty darned pleased with my projects lately!

My only regret?  I didn’t ride my bike here.  If I get a lot of work done this morning I may head home and get out for a ride, or I may just dedicate today to WORKING HARDER.  (I may even have a shot of espresso…)

3 thoughts on “Hit Me With Your Best Shot!

  1. I read your blog in my New Zealand morning which is the next day to you. I am a virgo and gosh I was sorely tested at my job yesterday. I am in the costume business and had to deal with “it’s not working” before seeing everything on stage with lights and beautiful bodies in motion. Also trying to supervise students who are helping me at the same time. Came home sewed a bit then after dinner sat and knitted, that was the best part of my day. We will see how the day pans out today. I enjoy reading your blog thanks.

  2. I was knitting the other day at Java Train and thought what a nice cafe it was! It does sometimes get a bit noisy with children but I’ve done my time and understand that. Plus – excellent coffee!

    Perhaps I’ll try the bike route as well – hope your week is getting better.

  3. I seem to get more done when out of the house too. I may have to find a coffee shop to do my work in. Wish my laptop was lighter and more portable. It’s rather heavy and big. Next big item on the to-buy list.

    Love the glimpse of your red design.

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