I live for ‘scopes like this…

Canton, Ohio BLEW ME AWAY!

The class I taught at the Sippo Lake Branch of the Stark County Library was amazing!  First of all, the park building is wonderful.  My only regret is not taking photos of the scale model of the Erie Canal to send to Norah Gaughn (she knows what I mean…)

My afternoon class was jam packed and full of eager, wonderful students who were engaged and ready to learn.  No teacher could ever ask for more, thank you folks (and THANK YOU to Melissa for setting this up, you are wonderful!)

My lecture was not a large group, which was odd considering how big the earlier class was (I figured a free evening lecture would bring folks out of the woodwork – oh, well!)  The lovely thing was a smaller audience lent a nice feeling of intimacy, and we all wandered downstairs so I could sign some books.  Yay!

Fort Wayne has been absolutely lovely!  I’d only passed through before, although I did live in Auburn back in 1967 (where I attended Auburn Elementary for first grade)

I taught in two venues here, Sarah Janes Yarn Shoppe (wonderful, wonderful selection and FABulous women who work there, one tight and one loose…) where the class was warm (for me) but wonderful.

Last night I taught for the Ft. Wayne guild where the level of expertise was quite high – I may have been a bit of a yawn for a few of the more accomplished knitters – but it seemed that most everyone had a lovely time and learned some new tricks!

Bike-wise, I think I’ve investigated EVERY bike path that’s around, I’ve ridden through parks, along busy streets and even on a few sidewalks (where there was NO other option) and I have the feeling that Fort Wayne is on the cusp of transitioning into a remarkable biking city.  The busses have bike racks, that’s one of the first major steps!

I’ve been staying with Lara Neel, the voice behind Math 4 Knitters, and she’s just a wonderful person!  If you haven’t listened to her podcast, it’s terrific and WELL worth the download and listen.  I keep it on my i-pod queue for when I’m out knitting in a public place but want to feel connected to a wider community.

Friday, June 17, 2011 By Rick Levine

(Aug 23 – Sep 22)

You may be able to get away with a bit of sloppy thinking or even a bit of trickery today as long as you don’t take things too far.

Your key planet Mercury is receiving positive vibrations from Jupiter and Neptune, enabling you to turn on the charm and maybe even bring out the sales[wo]man in you.

Thankfully, others will probably cut you some slack if you make a social blunder. Take advantage of this cosmic assistance while it lasts.

For someone like me, this horoscope is my GET OUT OF JAIL FREE card!  And as I enter the third week of my three-week teaching trip I’ll take all the Chance cards I can get!

And now I’m off for yet another day of driving where I will see and hug many friends at the end of the road!  Loopy Yarns in Chicago, WATCH OUT!

3 thoughts on “I live for ‘scopes like this…

  1. Hi Annie – just checking in with you to see how your classes are going – and they sound like fun! Yesterday, I signed up for your class on Embellishments at Knitting Lab in San Mateo. I am so excited and can’t wait for November to get here! To be in a class in person with you will be great. Online classes have been fun, and I loved the Twisted Float Shrug class last summer.
    Take care of yourself and great job on the biking! Keep us updated!

  2. Annie,

    I was at the class in Canton. First of all, you did such a great job putting us all at ease with your kind comments to each and every student. I was pleasantly surprised that the class was 3 hours instead of 2 and even more pleased that we went over the time without any anxiety on your part.

    Secondly, I left feeling very empowered about knitting. Sounds a little silly. I’m not underconfident, but hearing you made me realize how much I know and how much I can find out on my own. Then, your extra tips and techniques just put icing on the cake! I’ve already recommended your classes to a knitting friend of mine. I’ve got to take more of your classes, not only for the information but also for the inspiration.

    Finally, I noticed on your blog that you have some “Shelter” for a Spencer. I was thinking of using my “Shelter” for a somewhat modified, longer Spencer. Will you post any pictures of the new sweater?

    Thanks again for a wonderful afternoon. Continued success to you!

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