Finish Line

The face of determination. (Pay no attention to the not yet blocked sweater...)

I finished it.

I’m off right now to bike over to DHL, I’ve written up the pattern and sent it (plus the charts) to the magazine, and I shall celebrate by:

  1. Stopping by my lovely local library, which has a new (to me) book waiting!
  2. Ordering some lovely gf green beans
  3. Taking a lovely bike ride
  4. Starting the NEXT project for a new (to me) lovely magazine in Australia
  5. Finally working up my lovely taxes (oy – headslap)

Lovely day.

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2 thoughts on “Finish Line

  1. GEEZ … I read your post on facebook with surprise … people making negative comments about your biking is beyond understanding. Illigitimi non corborundum.

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