Lovely Parting Gifts

The winner of Kristin Omdahl’s Compliments Collection is Robin! She’s been notified via email, and she’s probably just now recovering from the joyful shock.

That last part was tongue in cheek… I should make up an acronym ‘TIC’ and insert it when I’m speaking in a light sarcastic tone. I could spread it all over the internets, but I know the kids would just turn it in to something dirty. Those damned kids.

However, being a HUGE fan of 1960’s gameshows (not the point where I’d actually watch The Price is Right on the gameshow channel, like my mom used to do, and reminisce about the days when a can of leseur peas cost $.35) I would like to offer a lovely parting gift for everyone who played along at home.

So, for anyone who is interested, here’s a free pdf pattern of my wonderful HEN HAT.  I worked this up after a trip to England where I fell in love with a flock of chatty chickens.

At around the same time I was gifted with a few skeins of Laughing Hens Rooster Almerino DK and the connection seemed too good to pass up!

If you’d like a copy of the pattern, click here for the pdf file download.

It’s a cute little hat which will allow you to test your lace skills, your embellishment chops, and your giftee’s patience (Really?  You want me to WEAR that hat?)

HoTN / Ho2N Progress

One Cover Attempt - This May Change!

One reason I’ve been so silent is that I’m working through a lot of the History on Two Needles background stuff (photo approval & licensing rights, organizing the photo shoot, tech editing the patterns, actually FINISHING a few of the things…) and that takes up more time than I’d like to admit.

I’ve been working on the cover – what do you think?

Credits: The amazing shot of model Ellis is by Jen Simonson, photoshopped onto a background (stock photo purchased at, ©Boonsom)

I’m definitely moving slower on this than I ever intended, but I’m hoping a Spring/Summer of hard, concentrated effort will get the job done.

I feel KNOW that at some point in my life I’ll return to that energy level I used to have (perhaps when I’m not dividing my energies between teen age kids and a husband who requires a bit of TLC) but worrying that old bone won’t make life any easier right now.

My goal is to have the book printed in late Summer, in shops by the Fall and available for purchase and download by the holiday season 2012.

Cross your fingers for me (during the times when you’re not knitting or crocheting…)

6 thoughts on “Lovely Parting Gifts

  1. I just finished drooling over my new e-book for the second time! So much fun planning how to match the projects with the yarn in my stash. The outfit on the cover is quirky enuf and matches the figurine on the pedestal but her hair is all wrong. Keeping my fingers crossed during quiet times.
    BTW don’t expect that ‘old’ energy level back but be content with the new level and the wisdom to use it wisely. LOL.

  2. I love your patterns; I know the book will be wonderful, but speaking as a woman of a certain age, whose size 6 days were long ago and very brief, this cover photo says “This book is NOT for you”. Perhaps a photo with wider (TIC) appeal would be more universally enticing? I have been looking forward to this book for a long while, and I don’t feel that this particular pattern evokes the history part. Perhaps a dual picture of the historical reference and the modern interpretation? Just my take on it, I’m sure you know much better.

  3. Can’t wait to make this hat for my grandson who adores my chickens. He is only 4 so, yes, he will wear it proudly. : ) Really like the Egyptian history theme for the book cover. Definitely, will be buying the book.

  4. Lovely interpretation of the statuette’s clothing. Not for me (I’m too old and still don’t usually wear horizontal stripes, even though I’ve lost a bit of weight), but for my daughter and for my granddaughter’s after they have their babies.
    The book will definitely be my Christmas request from my daughter.

  5. I really don’t like the giant “2.” I think it is too eye-catching, and it’s not as important, to me, as the words “history” and “needles,” so that it overshadows them is odd to me.

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