And the winner of the Knit Edge Subscription is…

TOM!  Way to go, Tom!

Tom also had the honor of having the shortest comment, which in NO way affected his chances of winning!

It’s cool that the winner’s a guy (I actually had to do my random pick twice because I picked someone who’d won something a few weeks ago the first time around!)

Tomorrow I’ll be reviewing a new crochet book, and giving away a copy of that, so tune in!

I’ll alert Tom so he can begin getting his subscription as soon as the next issues are hot off the press!

Remember, you can STILL get a little extra bonus if you subscribe to Knit Edge:

Use the code “modeknit” when ordering Knit Edge and receive $1 off a yearly subscription.  You have until July 31 to take advantage of this code.

Additionally, one other lucky person, also chosen at random, who subscribes to Knit Edge and uses the code “modeknit” when checking out, will have their entire subscription fee refunded.  Too cool, huh?

1 thought on “And the winner of the Knit Edge Subscription is…

  1. YEAH ME! Thanks so much for picking me and my short comment. Althought I know it was random. And now I’m gonig to have to buy that crochet scarves book because I can’t be picked twice in a row! Oh well – it looks well worth it. Thanks again! Love you!

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