Great Big Beautiful Giveaway!

I turn 51 in a week†, and I have some nice stuff to give away!


I have 2 lovely skeins of Buffalo Gold Earth Lite Yarn that I’d like to gift to 2 lucky readers.  This yarn is indescribably amazing; soft, strong, beautiful to work with and very comfortable to wear!

Buffalo Gold Earth Lite
1 Skein of Dark Grey (Arsenic)
1 Skein of Deep Red (Crimson)
Fiber Content- 90% American Bison Down, 10% Nylon
Yardage- 200 yards per 62 gram skein
Gauge- 23 to 26 sts per 4 inches on US 3-5

Earth Lite is among my favorite fibers, by one of my favorite yarn companies!  The folks who run The Buffalo Wool Company are great folks, I consider them wonderful friends in the world of fiber, and every time I see something made of their fiber, I loudly

Black & Red Skeins are Earth Lite
(brown skein is for next week!)


Note: I intend to give away a skein of Buffalo Gold #11, 100% American Bison in a lightweight next week, so if you win this you won’t be able to win that one, too…

Why am I giving this beautiful stuff away?  Why not design with it?  Well, I DO design with it, and I have more yarn than I know what to do with!  These happen to be duplicate skeins – I have other skeins of each of these colors to use for swatching – so these are pristine, unused skeins are perfect for a little gifting!

And I feel like the buzz from a giveaway of this GREAT stuff would be more beneficial than anything else I could do.

Plus, it’s my birthday*, so I can do what I want, right?

And if we get our oven fixed, I’ll make myself a gluten free cake!  This has nothing to do with a yarn giveaway, but it’s my secret dream for my birthday – a fixed oven!  Huzzah!


What I’d love for you to do is tell me what you’d make with a 200 yd skein of lovely sport-weight soft-as-silk bison yarn.  It doesn’t have to be real, you can make up something.  You can be goofy or silly or dead serious, whatever you want!  I will tell you that each skein is a perfect amount for some fingerless mitts or a great winter headband.

I’ll announce the winners on Labor Day.

Fine Print: If you win and you live in the US, I’ll send the yarn.  If you live out of the country, I’ll ask you for $5 to offset the shipping.

* My birthday is next week, date indeterminate.
† My hands don’t give me away.
(However, my crow’s feet & grey hair do.)

136 thoughts on “Great Big Beautiful Giveaway!

  1. Happy Happy Early Birthday. We’re birthday neighbors and one of my nephews is on the 3rd. His mom was in actual labor on Labor Day!

    I would knit either a hat or scarf for my sister who’s still bald from chemo, or fingerless gloves (with half fingers). Even though she’s in Southern California she still feels the cold.

  2. I’d love to have this yarn to knit headbands with for Celebration Village. My church groups knits scarfs and other items for this event to raise money for Sanctuary Hospice House, a hospice house that doesn’t charge if your insurance doesn’t pay for it.

  3. Happy Birthday to you next week! I think we share a b-day so maybe you are my twin 🙂 The holiday weekend b-day was always weird-in the car, first day of school, alone in a new town, on planes, in foreign countries, friends all on vacation….it’s a good thing I can amuse myself. Knitting warm, soft, fingerless mittens would be my buffalo project of choice.

  4. I’d love to knit a pair of fingerless gloves for the office year-round. The company I work for keeps it VERY cold in the office. In fact, many of us have blankets at our desks, but that doesn’t help the hands when we have to type all day. 🙂

  5. I think fingerless gloves are just the thing! I could wear them at work when my office is cold (more often than you’d think) and they’d be in prime position to be admired often as I type! Thanks for sponsoring the giveaway, and happy birthday!

  6. Here’s wishing you a very Happy Birthday! My mother-in-law is always cold so I would most likely knit her something soft and warm for around her neck. She’s a wonderful woman.

  7. I would use the skein for the leg portion of a pair of socks and match it with a sport wt reinforced sock yarn for strength.

  8. Oooo, I would make a lovely cowl. After all, winter will be here before we know it! (Even though it is currently 80 degrees here in Northern Minnesota. Last week I felt the cold north winds for the first time this season.) Happy Birthday to you!

  9. I would knit the softest sweetest neck cowl and it would be the color that my own hair used to me and my white coif would shine above!

  10. Happy birthday to you and Barack. Lucky you to share the same b’day with our President. I’m thinking that the two of you were born on the very same day – don’t just share the same birthday.

    • Actually, born 1 day less than a month apart. He’s Aug 4. Same year, though. He and me and Princess Di and Eddie Murphy and Stephanie Miller. Yeah, baby!

  11. I would use this to knit fingerless gloves for my mom. She crochets baby blankets for each baby born at her church and to her acquaintances, but she is starting to have trouble with her joints. She’s allergic to wool, so I have to be careful what yarn I use to make these gloves

  12. a very Happy (just a bit early) Birthday!!!!

    What a great idea, been most fun reading all the potential projects. For my project I think a cowl would be most appropriate. Mainly cause I don’t make them very often but when I do they tend to be from lovely yarns. And to me this looks like a very lovely yarn.

  13. Happy early birthday! I have one year less 7 days on you 🙂 Everything about this yarn resonates with me — the color, the fiber, the timing (!) I’d dearly love to knit a smoke-ring kind of cowl for my mom to wear this winter so she will think of us, her kids who dearly love her — in the absence of my dad (who died on July 26.)

  14. Happy birthday to you. I like to think of us Sept babies as NewYear’sEve babies 😉 Party On. I have a color-blocky idea that I can maybe work my bit of black mink yarn into, for driving gloves. Embroidery for summer memories (tiny cacti,sunflower) ,tiny lettuce edge,for when the temps go from crazy high to crazy low. Stop with describing fabulous bison yarn, Annie- I gotta learn to work, basically, with string, to finish my gr.aunt’s fab filet crochet coverlet. Well, we all know that having only one project going is…just not right. oh, yeah- sending good vibes toward your oven repair → caaake!

  15. I would knit a pair of fingerless mitts to wear with my Regency wardrobe for the Jane Austen Festival in Bath, England. If the Crimson skein, something like Fetching. If the Arsenic skein, something very lacy…………Arsenic and Old Lace……..

  16. Actually, I’d like to knit a sweet pair of fingerless mitts for one of my knitting buddies. She’s had some health challenges this year and it would be a very sweet surprise. And happy birthday!

    PS. If I do win some yarn, just leave at The Yarnery with my name on it! A perfect excuse to go to St. Paul and visit that store!

  17. Hi! Happy Birthday 🙂

    If I won, I would make a scarf for my Mom. After dozens of failed attempts at knitting in HS I gave up… but a friend just taught me Continental knitting… and somehow, magically, it works for me! So I really want to show off to Mom as she’s the one that tried so hard to teach me all those years ago.

  18. Happy, Happy Birthday! And many more!
    Whatever your age, wish it was mine. Being in my “golden” years, I find I liked the 40’s and 50’s better. So tired of walking into a room for some reason and forgetting why 😉 I can still knit though, and would love to try some bison, especially in red – I’m already grey (my hair, that is). Need some new mitts, misplaced mine last year so they’re on my to-do list.
    Hope your oven gets fixed, we all need birthday cakes (birthday or not).

  19. A cowl! A lacy cowl! I already have to wear fingerless gloves in our chilly office during winter, so a cowl seems like a great idea for an addition.

    Tony S.
    Ottawa, Canada

  20. Happy Birthday!!! Well I actually have never knitted anything for myself and I would love to use the yarn for a beautiful scarf or gloves. I have a birthday coming up as well – 45 and I’m fairly dreading it 🙁 But yarn has a way with making it all better.

  21. Happy birthday!!!! (My crows feet give my age away, too!!) I think I would like to make some actual gloves, with the fingers, with that luxurious bison! I have Raynaud’s disease which keeps my hands and feet icy cold the whole year by keeping the blood from reaching my extremities (it’s a nasty little disease). Anyhow, good luck to all and Happy Birthday once again!!

  22. Happy Birthday! It probably isn’t very original but I would make a Pretty Little Thing. Amazing to take yarn from such a gruff beast and make a delicate little handknit!

  23. Best of birthday wishes! Enjoy! I am thinking a nice warm hat would be in order. Maybe one that might be converted into a neck warmer when needed.

  24. Happy indeterminate birthday! I’d make a tuck-in-your-coat scarf for my mother who is *always* begging for new handknit scarves!

  25. I want to knit something soft……a cowl for my daughter in law. My son is stationed in Washington State; The winters are cold, rainy, and overcast. My daughter in law would appreciate a little bit of soft comfort.

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