Relaxing on the Road

Oh, baby.

It’s been an intense few weeks, lots of teaching, lots of travel, LOTS of fun! But also lots of exhaustion!

  1. Beginning with Knit Lab in New Hampshire (which was excellent);
  2. Then my ModeKnit Minnesota Retreat (need I say, FAB-U-lous!);
  3. On to Knit Lab in San Mateo (also amazing!);
  4. TWO terrific classes at ImagiKnit in San Francisco (what a tremendous shop! What a selection!!);
  5. Back home to MN for a few days to repack – I love my home –I’m a Virgo;
  6. Then to Riverside, CA for classes at the local guild;
  7. And finally an extra special (and HUGE) experience with the wild women at Raincross Fiber Arts (also a DELIGHTFUL SHOP in a tiny space!  Amazing!)

Hyatt in Riverside, Aaaah!


I am tired to the bone.

I can’t explain this exhaustion, what it’s like, how it encompasses every aspect of my life when it comes on. What I can explain is that I ‘store up’ my energy, and use it as I can.

When I have a run of weeks like this (hey, I have to work WHEN there’s work!) it knocks me out for a long period of time, which is why it can be weeks between blog posts.

Library in Riverside (classes)

When I read Seabiscuit by Laura Hillenbrand, I loved the book. Then I adored the movie. I must confess that when I learned she had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome I didn’t really understand it. “So she lays in bed and writes, what’s the big deal?”

Now I get it.

Sometimes after a hard day I sit in my chair at home (or a sofa in a hotel, or a bed) and I literally cannot move a muscle for an hour or so. I feel lazy, indulgent, slobbish – all of those things – but I also know that this is something that can’t be helped.  Or, rather, that I’m doing all I can to minimize it (eating right, resting, getting good exercise) but there it is.


All those times when I was tired in my youth and said, “I can’t move a muscle!” – well, I was exaggerating.

Now I know how that TRULY feels.

It’s easy to allow myself to feel marginalized, out of step, when I’m this tired. I don’t have the mental or emotional resources to fight off negativity (whether it originates internally or externally) so I try to focus on the positive things, and know that I’ll feel stronger soon.

A Large Cat

Right now, though, I’ve been given a gift. An extra day!

I made a mistake when I booked my airline ticket home, I booked it for the 13th instead of the 12th (I got confused about Veteran’s Day) and so I have an extra day in Southern California.

Quel Dommage!

While I’m always sad to be away from Gerry and the kids, I’m happy to extend my car rental a day, and book a hotel with priceline ($60 on Redondo Beach!) so that I can sit by the ocean, knit, have a nice cup of tea, and just REST for a day.

This is a gift that I’m giving myself.

And who knows, after I rest a day, I might actually have something DECENT to blog about besides the sad tale of my tiredness!

4 thoughts on “Relaxing on the Road

  1. Annie,
    I am glad that you blog honestly about your health. As someone who has struggled with Chronic Fatigue and other chronic health issues, it is good to know I am not alone.

    Also, it makes these issues less invisible.

    Another important part to me is to see that even the creative folks that I look up to have up days and down days.

    It makes creative work seem more accesible, not like a superpower that some folks have.

    Thanks for listening to me ramble,


  2. The blog post was not a “sad tale of my tiredness”. It was a statement of triumph; you made it through an intense work period. Of course you’re tired; you probably would be tired even if you did not have illness to deal with. Rest and then “carry-on”. Safe travels

  3. I also agree with Paula, this is a triumph! As someone who has fibromyalgia I’m so proud of you for working to take care of yourself diet, exercise, rest, and staying positive. Its so easy to wallow in negativity. What a beautiful place to have a day of rest! Enjoy!

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