Giveaway for the Holidays!

I know I’m a bit late for Hanukkah, but I’m in time for the other solstice mid-winter gift-giving extravaganzas!

I have a few books to give away – none of them mine – but all of them very nice!

I’ll give away one every few days so I can get them shipped to you by Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate!)  Ideally, if you win one of them it will be a lovely gift for YOU!


This is another one of Iris Schreier’s books which use her lovely Artyarns and focus on projects which use a limited amount of yarn.

The specifications for these designs were hats which use ONLY two balls of yarn.

I have two hats in the book, which makes me very proud and happy!

The first is a color work toque (square top) shape.  The lighter color is variegated, the dark is a semi-solid, with a squarish top and garter / i-cord trim at the bottom.

The second hat is inspired by a military hat, and because the side flaps can be worn up or down, I used a reversible cable technique.  It was my first time using it in a design, I feel that it worked very  nicely.

I created the reversible cable by working cables over a 2×2 rib, and being careful with the placement of the yarn as I form each cable.

Here’s the chart (you may find it helpful, or it may make your head spin!) so you can get an idea of how I think through the reversible cables.


YOU could be the happy recipient of this book – all you have to do is leave a comment and tell me about your favorite hat of all time!  It doesn’t have to be a knit hat, or even one that you’ve owned – just a hat that has meant something to you!

Leave a comment below, and I’ll select a winner and send the book off on Friday.  If your name is chosen and you live out of the USA, I’ll ask you to split the shipping charge ($5 from each of us), otherwise the shipping will be on me!  (When you put your email in the specified field, no one can see it but me!)

I’ll have two more books to share with you over the next few weeks, now tell me about a great hat!

60 thoughts on “Giveaway for the Holidays!

  1. My favorite hat of all time was the stunning confection worn by Audrey Hepburn as Liza Doolittle in the Ascot race scene in ‘My Fair Lady’. Gorgeous.

  2. My favorite hat is one I made about 6 years ago out of Alpaca With a Twist in multiple colors. I still wear it, even though in Florida it’s not always cold enough. It is lightweight but still warm.

  3. Not my hat, my infant daughter’s. Made for her by my childhood friend who lived in Maine at the time. It was a pink calico prairie hat with a large brim that framed her face, trimmed with white eyelet. Loved my friend for making it for my baby girl, loved the sweet look of the hat on her. But sadly, lost at the MInnesota State Fair, possibly in the Colliseum at the horse show. When it was discovered that we lost it the whole family trekked across the fairgrounds in search of it. But no luck. My friend sent me the pattern, but the ones I made just never quite looked the same. I think I still have the pattern. I better go make on for her little daughter.

  4. I wore a straw hat to a celebration of my brothers 25th anniversary (26 years ago) and what was great about it was the picture that was taken of my favorite Aunt (sort of our version of Auntie Mame !!) in her feathered hat and myself….I loved that picture of the two of us in our slightly crazy hats !

  5. My favorite hat is a bonnet I sewed for my daughter when she was one. I think it’s time to knit some hats because she is 25 now. It would be great fun to win this book.

  6. My favorite hat is by Wendy Johnson in her Knitting Lace book. I have forgotten the name but it is beautiful to wear, beautiful to knit and beautiful to look at. Thanks for the giveaway.

  7. The wide brim hat from a classic Christian Dior outfit that is also on one of my favorite Barbie collectible dolls. Love the whole outfit! So feminine, elegant, and assured looking.

  8. My favorite “hat” is a hat covered with red butterflies that are actually made out of feathers. I snuck a picture of it at the Alexander McQueen exhibit. I even made it my g-chat icon/photo. I’d love to send you a pic!

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