Home & Gone Again!

I got home last evening, answered emails and kissed the family (not in that order) and slept the sleep of the dead.

Today Gerry and I have to run down to the Mayo for more testing for him, meeting with his doc, and then I should be home this evening for a longer blog post.

But before I run out the door, the WINNER of the History on Two Needles book is [drumroll…]

P  A  M  E  L  A  !
I’m sorry I missed your kickstarter campaign; I would have helped!
I was a professional costumer for years and years, so I love many eras.
Right now I am a bit obsessed with Erte, so I will say the late ‘teens.

Pamela’s been notified separately, the book will be shipped out to her, and life will continue for us all!

And now, off to Rochester!

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3 thoughts on “Home & Gone Again!

  1. I received my hard copy of HOTN, opened it and saw it was signed too! I’d forgotten that part. Thanks. The book is a treasure for the historical information alone, much less the patterns.

  2. How’s Gerry? Are his counts still down? (I’m the one who also has multiple myeloma and am in complete remission.)

  3. Dear Annie,
    I found your website while doing a search for Knitting Retreats. I am a knitter and lover of all things crafty as well as the event coordinator for Assisi Heights (Motherhouse of the Sisters of St. Francis) located in Rochester, MN.

    I don’t know if you have considered Rochester as a location for a retreat but there are many knitters in the area and Assisi Heights would be a great venue for such an event. We have a large Spirituality Center with room for knitters and vendors alike. Twice a year we host an independent quilting group of 40 people and the Rochester Rug Hookers are hosting an event in late 2013. Crafters and artists love our location, space and the peacefulness Assisi Heights offers. We also have small bedrooms available for overnight accommodations as well as full catering options. Please check out our website at http://www.rochesterfranciscan.org

    I have also attached our current room rental pricing sheet. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss future knitting retreat possibilities. I think we may be a great fit for your retreats! I look forward to discussing the possibilities.

    Angela Grimm
    Event Coordinator
    Assisi Heights Spirituality Center
    1001 14th Street NW
    Rochester, MN 55901

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