Winner! And A Techie Meltdown!

So we have a winner for Theressa Silver’s book, Hat Couture – and that winner is KATE!  She was chosen at random and has been alerted via raven email, so CONGRATULATIONS to Kate, may you enjoy making many hats for a long, long time!

Now to my meltdown.

I’ve had an email list for, oh, 12 years.  I don’t advertise it a lot (I guess I should…) but it was pretty big, over 5K.

Each month money was automatically deducted from my bank account for my web hosting / email marketing, and it worked well.  But then about 6 months ago I began the changeover from my bank to a local credit union.

All’s been going well, but I KNEW that something would fall through the cracks as I moved my various accounts over.  And that thing was the monthly $19 email marketing fee, much to my chagrin.

I didn’t send out an email blast this past month, which is a shame because then I would have caught this within the 30-day information retrieval window.  As it is, I was 5 days late when I discovered this today, and that means I’ve not only lost my entire library of images, logos, book covers, and past email blasts, I’ve ALSO lost all of my subscribers.

So, if you used to get  my email newsletter – or if you’d like to start getting it – please signup here.

I promise I’ll never sell, giveaway, trade or reveal any of your information, and I further promise to NOT inundate you with emails.  I don’t send a lot, usually when I have something to say.

I’m looking at this as a sort of silver lining as I’ve needed to clean out the list for a long time, and now I can require that folks tell me what state they’re in when they sign up (useful for letting folks know when I’m in town for teaching gigs!)

Also, please share with your friends if you feel THEY’D like to be on the list! I’ve lost my only way to get in touch with some folks on my list, and that makes me very sad.

2 thoughts on “Winner! And A Techie Meltdown!

  1. Annie – So sorry about the list, but I know that everyone will tell 2 people and they’ll tell 2 people and so on and so on :)…just listened to 3 or 4 podcast interviews that you did back in 2005, 2006 and 2010…it was great to find out more about you…I took your class in Canton Ohio and loved it. thanks!

  2. Sorry to hear about your list, Annie. I was unaware you had one, but am thrilled to learn about it. I’ve signed up. 🙂 I’m a “neighbor” just across the border in Wisconsin.

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