Turning Over

Well, I’m still relegated to the iPad for my Internet communication, so if you’ve contacted me and haven’t heard back, I apologize (and you might want to try again, I might not have received your missive!)

I’m finding it extraordinary, the amount of stuff I do on a daily basis which relies on the saved passwords, information, keys, shortcuts I’ve saved within my computer.  I can still use it, I am writing patterns every day, keeping my databases updated, all kinds of other stuff which I can only do on my computer.

but actually CONNECTING with the world outside, beyond my visible limits, that is now in the hands of my trusty iPad.

Gerry got this device as a Mothers Day gift in 2012, and I was blown away!  our local Micro Center was having a sale and for $350 he walked out with one of the best gifts I’ve ever received.

This computer fail (my screen cracked, which was beautifully replaced by Gerry, but apparently the wifi cable is not working now, and figuring out THAT nonsense is taking longer than we expected) corresponded with a health fail and a,weather fail, all of which prevented me from riding my bike as often as I need to for health maintenance.

But yesterday I got out for a long ride, and cashed in on the beauty that is Minnesota in June. It’s not unknown for us of have hot and humid days, but in our 6 years in the North Star State we’ve noticed that on the average the temps fall to the 50s overnight, allowing for decent open-window sleeping and starting each day fresh and clear. This is our trade off for the winters that last 3 years, and although it was a close thing this year, on the whole I will take the cold.

So now I am feeling slightly more energized again, eager for my classes at Darn Knit Anyway on July 17 and 27, and eager to get on my bike again today to sustain the good feeling I acquired yesterday.

I’ve skipped a few submission dates to finish up some projects for various magazines, and also to concentrate on a new project of 7 or 8 designs I will be unveiling in the Fall (more later, I don’t want to jinx myself, I’m not being coy…)

So THANK YOU to those of you who have hung around while I worked through a convergence of fails, I’m hoping as the Summer unfolds I will be blogging more, with much good info and interesting philosophical side trips, and continuing to design and write.

Basically, I’m looking forward to feeling a bit more like myself than I have in quite a while.

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I knit weird and I enjoy showing others how to find the joy and intuitiveness within their OWN knitting! We don't knit to make THINGS, we knit to make OURSELVES HAPPY!

6 thoughts on “Turning Over

  1. I will say that I LOVE my iPad. It goes with me everywhere I go, and I even suck up to pay the fee for 3G service. I’m looking into buying one of those keyboard covers – just a matter of finding the right one.

  2. I just checked back and the weird banner that was at the top of the website is gone. Great!!! How’d you do it so fast?

  3. OK – back today and the weird banner at the top of your website is gone!!! That’s really fast work. You have SKILLS!!!!
    I’m really glad that things seem to be getting back on track for you and fondly hope they will continues this way for all of you. Just keep on . . .

    • Marietta, I did nothing – I’m not even certain HOW to go about getting rid of it. I think it’s connected to a plug in, but I’m not sure…

      Keep me posted if you see it again!

  4. I am excited to see your new designs and love hearing about the process. I subscribe to the British knitting magazine The Knitter and have seen some of yours in there. Will any of the new patterns be published in there?

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