Who Wants Coffee?

It’s time for my first giveaway in honor of the #CaribouKnits hashtag!

In case you are wondering, “What IS this #CaribouKnits I’ve been reading so much about?”
I direct you to my previous blog post where I discuss it at length.

So now the FUN part begins!

Amy's Blend 2013 - CoffeeI’m an oddball, I like my coffee like I like my men (pale and smooth). I know it’s fashionable to love coffee that’s VERY strong, and if you’re into that, more power to you! But I like a mellow-er blend of coffee (when I DO drink coffee – the strong, strong brews that have been widely available have made me appreciate a nice cup of tea on a more regular basis!)

And THAT is what’s delicious about Amy’s Blend. It’s rich and firm, but it’s not overpowering. It’s mild, but it has an opinion. I really love it, and I’m not generally a big coffee drinker (love the stuff, but it affects my digestion poorly…)

Just leave a comment below telling me about someone you love who you’d dearly wish to have a cup of coffee with, and I will pick a name at random and you will WIN the pound of Amy’s Blend – VERY delicious!

NOTE: If you’ve used the hashtag #CaribouKnits at least 4 times, you can enter this!  And I have a counter going (see the list to the right?) so I can tell!

And if you HAVEN’T used it 4 times? Well, GO USE IT!  You can click on the birdie button at the top of this post and add the hashtag 4 times and you’re done!


11 thoughts on “Who Wants Coffee?

  1. I’d love to have a cup of coffee with my friend, Dara. We met in L.A.. both native NY’ers, and we bonded instantly. We had so much in common, it was spooky. We were both in love with Broadway musicals and would sing scores from lesser known plays on our walks around the neighborhood..

    Amazingly, Dara was a knitter and an accessories designer, but I wasn’t knitting at the time. She did inspire me to pick up the needles again, just as I found out she had to move back East.

    We never had the chance to knit together, though.

    I miss her so much and having the chance to have coffee with her (and knit a bit, too) would be a dream come true.

  2. I’d love to have a cup of coffee with my friend Heather. We’ve sat over cups of steaming beverages many a time, and yet it’s been way too long, and circumstances and distance seem to conspire to keep us apart for perhaps years more.

  3. I’d love to have a cup of coffee with my grandma. She’s been gone a long time but I know we would pick up right where we left off. 🙂

  4. I’m a milder coffee girl, too. I would love to have a cup of coffee (daily!) with my friend Rae. We hadn’t seen each other in 16 years… since my wedding!! This past summer, she realized 6 days into my 10 day vacation that I was on the same coast, two states away from her. So she did what any sane woman would do… she told work she would be gone for a couple of days and hopped the next plane! We spent two days – including her birthday – together, picking up where we left off without missing a beat, but it was far too short. Wish we lived closer!!

  5. I would choose to have coffee with my daughter who is going to school 5 hours away. Coffee, college student no brainer

  6. I would take a morning cup of coffee with Sherry in Astoria Oregon and hear the morning waves hit the beach near her place. She taught me to knit. She is many miles from Texas now, but I love my ventures to the PNW to visit with her, see the Pacific ocean and the Columbia River come together and hear that awesome clap where the two bodies join up. Then after a hot cuppa, follow her to Cannon Beach and play around in town for a while and venture into her yarn shop, Coastal Yarns, and spend the rest of the day oh-ahhhing over all the wonderful yarns and get to know more of the locals and visitors that come by the shop on a regular basis. That is where I would like to have my next cup of coffee. And Yes, I love Amy’s Blend. But I know nothing about hashtags for #CaribouKnits – as I am not a tweeter person. FB, yes, but no twitter.

  7. I don’t recall him drinking it, but I’d love to sit and talk with my father.

    I also have a difficult time with the overwhelming pink that washes over the entire month (not least because I lost dad to cancer^ after a sunny October day many years ago) and would prefer to see instead focus directed more towards finding cures and education (and funding [oh.. wait]) for routine health care & prevention and helping everyone involved when a diagnosis of cancer is pronounced.

    CancerCare looks to be a needed resource. I wasn’t aware of them^ thank you for bringing them to my attention.

    I’ve been smiling when reading all the fun #caribouknits tweets in my stream.. (I’ll get tweeting). Caribou Coffee is the very first coffee I ever drank …

    ^ it’s more complicated than that, but there was cancer.

  8. The one I would live to share a coffee with is my son and his wife in Pittsburgh haven’t seen them since their wedding in 2010! Miss them heaps 🙁

  9. I would love to one more cup of coffee with my two sisters, RoseMarie and Virginia.
    Roe works and lives in New Jersey, and I live in Maryland.
    At this time traveling back and forth is difficult for me so lots of phone calls have to do. Our sister Ginny passed away and we miss her. We three liked to go to the local WAWA for a cup of coffee.
    I have never tried Caribou coffee now’s a good time to start. #CARIBOUKNITS#CARIBOUKNITS#CARIBOUKNITS#CARIBOUKNITS

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