It’s Chilly, Who’d Like An Amy’s Blend Scarf?

One of the cooler aspects of the #CaribouKnits adventure this year is the inclusion of some unique Amy’s Blend items for sale at Caribou Coffee houses around the country.

Amy's Blend Infinity Scarf

Amy’s Blend Infinity Scarf

Although centered in the upper Midwest, you’ll find Caribou Coffees all over the countries (I keep running into them in airports — that leaping Caribou is always a welcome sight!)

This year, in addition to coffee, teas, cups and mugs, CC is also offering a lovely Infinity Scarf (what we knitters call a Moebius) and I have a beautiful pink one I’d love to gift to one of you!

This time let’s make it funny! Following in Kay Gardiner’s footsteps (btw, if you don’t follow her on Twitter you’re crazy – FOLLOW THAT WOMAN!) please tell me something that Caribou are known to do while knitting*. Leave a comment with your funny faux observation, and we’ll all enjoy it. After all, Caribou LOVE to laugh at themselves!

*Obviously Caribou don’t really knit, but a girl can dream.

Caribou Make Great Swifts! #CaribouKnits

Caribou Make Great Swifts! (apologies to D. Jones)

So leave your funny #CaribouKnits comment below, and I’ll pull a name at random and will announce the winner next Monday.  I’d announce it sooner, but we’re taking off for a college-visiting trip this weekend to Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin. This is what you do when you have college bound teens and a 4-day weekend!

In case you’re not on Twitter, know that you can use the #CaribouKnits hashtag when you use Facebook, too!  And if you ARE on twitter, just drop the hashtag in a few times a day and you’ll be making a small but lovely change a breast cancer survivor’s life.

14 thoughts on “It’s Chilly, Who’d Like An Amy’s Blend Scarf?

  1. Caribou are known to felt their projects when they ford their way across the rivers with knitting needles in hoof and their scarves draped out across their backs

  2. According to my five year old, and after he looked at the picture, he said that they take the yarn off (of their antlers) and stretch it. Put it back up. Find something pointy, but not too pointy, and make santa and me a hat.

  3. Caribou LOVE to knit and eat Whitman’s chocolates at the same time. Of course they have to pinch the bottoms to make sure they are getting the one that they really want. And they do this with a double pointed needle (DPN) – this way they can check TWO pieces of chocolate at the same time!! LOL!!

  4. When those adult kids come in on the weekend to have you do their laundry, use them as a yarn swift. Nothing better to keep them from being holed up in their electronics than to guilt them into holding onto a skein of yarn and catching up on their college fun!

  5. Caribou use their antlers as emergency cable needles. (But only because they haven’t taken Annie’s “Cabling without a cable needle” class yet.)

  6. My ex-husband’s nickname for me was Caribou, so I happen to be quite the expert in what caribou do while they knit. Recently, I observed this caribou knitting on an airplane. You know they don’t really fly without one, of course. Not even Christmas Eve.

  7. Haven’t seen one knitting lately, but think this one is saying, “Where the heck did that nutty lady go? She left me here with this yarn wound up and I can’t get to it”.

  8. There’s yarn at Caribou Coffee? Why haven’t the yarn fumes drawn me into the Caribou Coffee shop that’s beside where I get my frozen yogurt regularly? I don’t get it. No coffee, no yarn? Yarn doesn’t go with fro yo? I’d better go talk to the fro yo shop owner and ask her about this. Or is it that I should stop into the Caribou Coffee shop to check out if that particular shop has yarn? Maybe both. Do they allow fro yo into Caribou Coffee? Do I have to ask the yarn? And I find the yarn where?

  9. It’s a little known fact that the Caribou scrape their antlers on trees to sharpen the points…
    It makes lace knitting so much easier 🙂

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