Sherlock’s Kitchen

Sherlock's Kitchen

Sherlock’s Kitchen

Sherlock’s Kitchen
#2 in the 221b Series of Colors
Sherlock, Seasons 1-3, Various Episodes

Kitchen, or laboratory?

There’s more cadaver than cooking in the back room at 221b Baker Street, and no mistake. It’s hard to call a room a ‘kitchen’ when you’re as likely to get an eyeball in your tea as milk, but at least there’s a ‘fridge for Chinese take-away leftovers. And thumbs.

From John Watson’s Blog

“…he knows a couple of nice restaurants so he’s not all bad.”

Sherlock's Kitchen Colorway

Sherlock’s Kitchen Colorway

It’s fitting that the color scheme of Sherlock’s Kitchen is green – all shades of green! We’ve never seen him eat a salad, but he’s surrounded with greenery.

Light green, medium green, leaf green, industrial green, jade, olive, spring, pistachio, honeydew – ALL THE GREENS!

More depth?
You want more depth in your colors? 

Tune in tomorrow…

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