Mini Vacations

I take my vacations where I get them, and sometimes they’re as short as 15 minutes.


The Knitting Fairy is in HERE somewhere…

Right now I’m enjoying a mini evening vacation, here in Arlington, Texas, where I’ve been brought in to teach 4 classes for the Knitting Guild of North Central Texas and two classes for the Dallas Knitting Guild.

Happily, all 6 classes will be happening at the same location, a LOVELY yarn shop called The Knitting Fairy  I stopped in for a brief visit to meet the owner, Alissa, and look at her great selection of yarns! Her space is excellent, but I can see where it might be hard to find…


Shall the Duck be Mother?

She had some lovely stuff, and when I got to my hotel room I looked up her website and was enchanted by many of her patterns, especially this adorable Duck Tea Cozy (Hmmm, who do I know who drinks a lot of tea… Moi?)

The Arlington/Dallas area is experiencing a bit of a cool down after a hot spell, and there’s supposed to be rain over the next few days. That sounds JUST FINE to this Minnesota Mama who is experiencing a skin condition that doesn’t react well to heat!


Beautiful yarn, lovely tag!

Another indy dyer named Jennifer Thompson who owns Theodora’s Pearls was setting up her trunk show at The Knitting Fairy as I arrived, and everyone was drooling over her lovely yarns! Her yarn tags are pretty sweet, too!

But back to my vacation; I just took a luxurious bath, now I’m enjoying a cup of tea and some gluten free cookies in my beautiful room (okay, it looks like every other hotel room, but I don’t have to clean it and that enhances it’s beauty a thousand fold…)

Modesock_ComClinic_CrochetI flew First Class (the $90 upgrade was only $2 more than paying for my baggage AND a seat with enough legroom for my long pegs, a no brainer!) and enjoyed every second of it, from the way the baggage guy sat up a little straighter when he saw my boarding pass, to the PRIORITY fast lane I got to go through at the TSA to the first-on-the-plane boarding and free drinks.

I had a whiskey, I poured it into my Pumpkin Chai Latte from Caribou Coffee, yum!

And now I will continue on my current project, a crochet diddy worked up in ModeSock in Community Clinic.  The crochet in this colorway has an especially “shabby chic” look about it, doesn’t it?




6 thoughts on “Mini Vacations

  1. So I’m watching the documentary, “John Romer’s – Byzantium: The Lost Empire” when I see the tag for Theodora’s Pearls and I say to myself, “I get it”!

    I love you Hon. See ya in a couple of days.

  2. I was wondering how you were faring after your “series of unfortunate events” (to steal from Lemony Snicket.). How long dies shingles last? Does it vary?

    • It seems to vary from person to person, and also depending on where the shingles are. I have them on my right side (flank, front and back) and I’ve been told that these generally last around 6 weeks. I’m in week 3. Shoot me now.

  3. Hi Annie! Thank you for the lovely post & an wonderful weekend! I am so glad that I was able to attend your classes on Fri & Sat! I am using many of your tips & techniques already!

    If your readers are interested in Theodora’s Pearls yarn, please drop me a PM at dizzylettuce on Ravelry, or at my Etsy site!

    Best regards & happy creating!

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