I could use a Knit-Along, how about you?

I was gifted with some Qiviut yesterday, and I’ve been stroking it and loving it ever since.

I generally don’t knit up stuff for myself, JUST FOR ME, especially not in such a luxurious yarn. I try to use our own ModeKnit Yarn when I knit these days, but—c’mon—Qiviut ?  This is very special.

I’ve been told by my Med Onc, that I’ll be losing my hair.  I’m debating allowing Andy to just go ahead and shave it, it’s pretty short already, but my condition will be that ANDY will have to be my Sampson and will NOT cut their own hair.  It will make me so happy to see lovely, rich, deep auburn locks growing while my own bald pate is shining with Dex-induced fever sweats.

But I will need some kind of head covering. If nothing else, for the AC I’ll be in the rest of the Summer, and my chemo will be going FAR into the Fall and Winter and perhaps Spring of 2019.

Instead of a hat, I think I’m going to knit up a cowl and use it in various ways.  I love folding and twisting a cowl to create a sort of hat, and that will probably be the way that I utilize this beautiful Qiviut. Cowls and wimples are my go-to, I find them so useful, so this will be my Joyful Personal Knit for the coming weeks.

Would you like to knit along with me?

Buy Split Cable Wimple Pattern Now Via Paypal for $4.00

Be a NUN – or just look like one!

In all honesty, the pattern is NOT well reviewed (there’s only one 2-star review…) but it’s always been one of my favorites. There’s no accounting for taste, but I have met folks who’ve knit this up and have loved it.

It’s NOT my best selling pattern, but I love the idea of company to knit this together with me.  So if you purchase this pattern it before I start my Chemo on Monday, Aug 20, the price will be $4.00.


Blog Support
I’ll be happy to blog about the how my knitting is going every week or so, point out highlights and address issues that folks may be having.  It will be a nice change of pace on the blog from “Ow, I hurt.” or “Ish, I’m tired!”

If you’ve never knit lace, this may be easy enough to get you going. There IS a cable in it, and I’ll be happy to discuss my technique for cabling without a cable needle.  The lace work is simple and very repetitive, and once you get the first repeat you SHOULD be able to read your work and memorize the lace.  Or not.  I don’t like to put expectations on folks for their personal knits, I just hope this will be simple enough to be fun, and challenging enough to be interesting.

We could treat this as a casual, online class. I’ll post tutorials as I can, and you guys can share info with each other if you want.

How does that sound?

Buy Split Cable Wimple Pattern Now Via Paypal for $4.00

You can use WHATEVER fiber you want!  I’m using the aforementioned Qiviut, which is slightly heavier than a fingering weight.  I’ll be working it up on size 7US/4.5mm needles because that’s the drape I’m looking for, but with a cowl the beauty is gauge is NOT vital, so you can just aim for the lightness (or heaviness) of fabric you’re looking for and start there!

A note about lace: Do NOT fall under the misconception that because you’re knitting lace you’ll want to use HUGE needles.  I like to knit my lace on a needle that’s NOT too large for the yarn. If there’s too much space between stitches (which can happen with larger needles)

You get the pattern, you find some yarn, and let’s get going on Friday, okay?  See you then!

21 thoughts on “I could use a Knit-Along, how about you?

  1. Advice I received was to wait till your hair is falling out before you shave it all. The reasoning was that if you shave too soon, (& you don’t know what soon is) then you have stubble that starts to grow, and then when it DOES fall out you have stubble falling down your neck, in your eyes, etc. Very uncomfortable!

  2. I would love to knit along!
    Please tell me what other types/brands of yarn would be good for this pattern? I know I have nothing in the stash in my hope chest (and sweater bag under it) that would be good for this pattern. Sort of like I spend $300 on clothes and then have nothing to wear for a particular occasion??
    I prefer suggests by the pattern maker than trying to go it on my own (I do have a local yarn shop to buy something at).
    I’ve been knitting baby hats for stash busting but it’s getting old!

    • I’ll jump in and suggest a heavy fingering or even sport weight yarn. I think it will look best with a near solid color – i.e. no highly variegated yarns. I’m going into my stash to find something with some luxury fiber – maybe some sock yarn with cashmere? But you know, Modesock, with that lovely shiny, drape-y bamboo would work well, too, in a colorway that was more tonal than variegated.

      I think you’ll like the change from baby hats!

  3. Morning – you will love the feel of the quviut when you wear it. I made a large cowl for my daughter when she was going through chemo last year – she named it “the precious”. Her results have been good. Hoping the same for you.

  4. Hi Annie! I’d love to be in on this… do you think I can do it? My heart sure wants to… do you think my head will cooperate? Xo Ellyn

  5. Wonderful idea! I could use a small distraction myself. Got the pattern and I plan to use some lovely cashmere I’ve been saving for something special. I’ll be knitting recovery/remission/general healing wishes into each stitch!

  6. Wishing you comfort and joy. Buying the pattern. Don’t know if I have time to knit it (ripping a design piece for the fourth time, ugh), but I have some lovely Peruvian spindle-spun alpaca that looks appropriate, if I get there!

  7. I also have some quiviut (dyed purple) that I intend for a cowl. I have a different pattern in mind but would love to knit along with the rest of you on this journey.

  8. I’m in! Annie – it will be special to knit along with you in support. Can’t wait and I’ll find something pretty in my stash.

  9. Love the pattern, and your amazing quiviot KAL idea reminded me that I had 400 yards of cashmere marinating in stash for just such project. I cast on Friday as we traveled from Wisconsin to Missouri to celebrate my parents’ 60th wedding anniversary with my siblings and their spouses. I’m back home now and halfway through the second repeat of the pattern. I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow as you begin chemo.

  10. Thought you’d like to know there was a shout out for for you and this pattern on the most recent Caithness Craft Collective podcast. If the goodwill of the knitting universe has any pull at all in the larger cosmos, your recovery is assured!

  11. I finished the cashmere wimple over the weekend, and I love it. It still needs a blocking, yet I can tell it’ll be a go to piece for me this autumn and winter. Like the Yarn Harlot, I have a hat aversion, and I’m looking forward to being able to keep my ears from the wind without mashing my carefully coifed (not really) helmet of hair flat!

    Thanks for a lovely pattern.

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