The Places In My Neighborhood

In 2016 we decided to downsize from our lovely home over in the Crocus Hill area of St. Paul to the East Side, by Lake Phalen.

It’s a different neighborhood — slightly less ‘well off’ — but dynamic and beautiful.  It’s an area where folks have lived for generations, and new folks are moving in and starting their own traditions.  We really love it, and love the neighbors we’ve met along the way!

I’m supposed to try to get out and do some walking each day, to keep my strength up and make it easier to transition back to ‘healthy person’ when this cancer thing is over.  For years WALKING has been so terribly difficult for me, it’s one of the reasons I’ve become an avid cyclist. But with my walker, it’s much easier to get around.

Hopefully I won’t be walker-bound forever, but right now it makes life much easier.

So each morning as soon as the sun’s up I get out for a nice walk in the cool of the morning.  Here are some of the sights I see on one of my daily walks:

Big Beautiful Sunflower With A Bee, Down The Block

Hmong Neighbors Mean Nice Pho!

I’m attached to my pump through my port

My Chemo Pump Is My Constant Companion

I LOVE This Tidy Bungalow!

Lovely, Shady House With Happy Fence


3 thoughts on “The Places In My Neighborhood

  1. I was diagnosed with lung cancer stage 3 in May. i wish i could be as upbeat as you.My oncologist says i have maybe a year or less. I havent told many people. we had a house in Merriam Park for 12 years. i miss all the woodwork and the builtins. Stay positive 🙂 I read all your postings.

    • Oh, Kathy – I’m sending you so much love.

      It’s damned hard, isn’t it? Just so hard. I’m sending you as much joy as I can muster, because what else do we really have? When everything else is gone, there can still be joy in small (and large) things.

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