So they tracked me down and I’m once again in captivity at the hospital.

I had missed one of my chemo sessions when Gerry died, I just didn’t have the heart (or soul) to undergo chemo that week, so it set me back and my doctor felt the best time time to make up that errant session was mid-January.  SO here I am.

Lily The Pup

As soon as Andy got me unpacked and I was tucked into bed (with my own quilt and pillow) a nice lady came by with a few beagles and we celebrated PUPPY DAY (Monday) at the hospital with some love with Lily the pup up in my bed.  I wish they had the doggies here EVERY day!

I’ll be receiving the chemo, then I need to hang around for a few days to make sure that my body is dealing with the new chemistry, so I should be leaving here by Thursday.  I HATE being in the hospital, but the nurses here are so great that they take away much of the sting of being stuck every 5 minutes.

It’s impossible to get any rest in the hospital.  The minute I finally fall asleep, someone comes by to check this, measure that, or mop my floor.  At times I feel as though I’ve fallen asleep in an office park masquerading as a cancer ward.

Oh, look, someone’s here to draw more blood!

9 thoughts on “Captured!

  1. I’m sure you’ve already mastered leaving one arm out for bp/blood draws, and not completely wake up. Soft foam earplugs help too, for when you don’t need to respond. Big wishes for speedy release!

  2. A hospital is not the place to rest definately. This is such a strange message for me to be writing. I had wondered today how you were. We haven’t met , but I feel like I know you. You are the reason I never gave up on knitting! I struggled with how I held the yarn and needles, being self taught, it wasn’t correct. Then I saw you on Knitty Gritty with Vicki Howell, and you knitted like I did! You had said something on the order of just because someone decided what is correct doesn’t mean your way is wrong. As long as you get the job done and enjoy the process that is what counts. Thank you , Annie! You have had a tough road lately and as you continue your journey , I wish for you health , healing and happiness. Sincerely . A Grateful Knitter

  3. My Dear, found your blog while searching some new patterns on ravelry…
    I just wana send you good vibes and wish you health, power and complete recovery and healing!
    Best wishes from snowy Germany and sorry for the bad english…

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