Going Backwards?

Being home is the best thing ever, I love home.  I’m a Virgo, and that’s one of the things that supposed to be true for us, we love our HOMES!

I love home, and wherever I go when I travel I try to remake a tiny bit of my home so I don’t feel so homesick.  I’m one of those folks who unpacks into the hotel bureau the MINUTE I get into the room, toothbrush and toiletries in the bathroom, coffee machine set up to make tea, just the way I like it!

But now I’m feeling BED SICK.  I’m sick of being in this bed. It’s a REALLY nice bed, we bought the mattress last year and every day I’m grateful that we sprung for it, it’s where I’m spending 23 hours a day.

Right now BED is the place for me, I have to accept that.  Getting downstairs is a trial, although I do it because it’s great exercise, but the truth is that I NEED to be in bed for most of every day because I need to heal, and it’s taking HELLA longer than I’d anticipated.  I have no patience.  I need sleep, and lots of it.

When I got back from the hospital last Thursday I felt as weak and feeble as I had in November.  Friday I felt like it was December.  Sat & Sun were also kind of like how I felt in December, and now I’m finally catching up to where I was before I went for my metheltrexate chemo.

Metheltrexate: Come for the bright yellow color,
stay for the bone quenching exhaustion and mouth sores!

So my patience is shot, I’ve watched EVERY episode of Friends and Forensic Files (UK Friends, I REALLY want to go on “Mastermind” with my specialty as Forensic Files…)

My hair is SLOWLY growing back, but I’m looking VERY hip right now.  See?

And, my sitting up limit has been reached, so I’m signing off so I can lay down in that delicious bed!

20 thoughts on “Going Backwards?

  1. Sending love, strength, and joy your way. So you have a brief spate of having to rest and recovery to recuperate from dull witted vampires, unending sleep interruptions, and that nasty but needed chemo. Anyone with half those challenges would be clinging to their bed! So glad you have a great one. You’re really just catching up on your lost sleep.

    Rest well, dear friend. It’s recovery

  2. I love your hair, Annie! It’s au courant to the max!

    You’ve made it this far, so rest up all you need. You did one hella lot of work with that darn chemo.

    Hugs to you and Andy.

  3. I am so glad that you are home ! I also hear the frustration in your words but also such gratitude !
    Get all the rest you need and may you soon have a window as your view ❣️

  4. Even though you’re as tired of that bed as you are TIRED… rest well. This is the coldest, most brutal part of winter, but Spring IS coming… and when the crocuses rise from their beds, so will you. Watching that one beloved red head rise over in St. Paul will be a more welcome and blessed sight than a million yellow crocuses to me.

  5. So glad you’re home and resting in your own bed! Your hair is great. I lost mine during chemo last summer, and mine is still rather sparse in front. I’m jealous. Take care!

  6. If you have Netflix or Britbox, try Midsomer Murders…great fun. Not shoot ’em up sort, rather gentle, and Detective Barnaby is always in a 3 piece suit that somehow never gets really dirty. There’s always a great one liner, too, to look forward to

  7. Oh Annie, you look great! And I’m not just saying that! Your hair is coming back in nicely, but you’re rocking the close cut do. And your smile…
    Here’s good vibes and best wishes sent… keep on trucking. You got this.

  8. Have you gone through all episodes of Murdoch Mysteries or Doc Martin? Need any other good escapist shows? Sending you healing from afar….

  9. I love the photo, and the smile. You’re really rocking that 1/4″ hair. So now, rest, rest, rest and when you’re tired of resting, sleep. It’s okay. I’m told that getting bored and impatient is a good sign. One of my friends calls it ‘signs of life’. Sending gentle hugs and much love from Upstate NY.

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