New Wheels!

The difference in how I’m doing right now is nothing short of a minor medical miracle.  Or maybe the miracle is my kid’s love, and all the good food and REAL rest that I’ve been getting at home!

Chemo Knitting

Yesterday my doctor was pretty much astounded at how much better my hemoglobin and platelets are doing.  HUZZAH!  Aside from just being happy that I’m doing so much better than I was, the main reason for wanting my numbers to be so great is that I’m starting chemo again.

The last time I started chemo I was in dire straits. My numbers were horrible, I couldn’t keep ANY solid food down, but it was imperative that I began chemo so the docs went ahead and put me on a 1 week regime.  It kicked my butt.  Because I started with such poor numbers, and because the numbers just weren’t getting that much better while I was at the hospital (especially after Andy wasn’t allowed to visit and slip me a roast beef sandwich ever now and then) my numbers did go up, but they seemed to just stay at a certain point.

For the last few weeks in the hospital I barely ate anything but crackers and Kirkland protein shakes (which are MUCH more delicious than Boost, and have great nutrition!)

Fast forward to my first day coming home.  It was a challenge to ride in the car without throwing up.  We got home and it took both kids to get me up the stairs and into the kitchen.  After a rest, Max practically carried me to my bed, where I stayed for days.  I had to use the commode in my room for a week because I couldn’t make it to the bathroom.

This week I am up fixing my breakfasts and lunches (I can’t do dinners because I’m pretty worn out by then…). I walked up and down the block this week, and I baked a cake for the kids on Sunday.  I pretty much did it all sitting down, but I baked it!!

It was in celebration of PAYING OFF THE MORTGAGE ON THIS HOUSE!!  Actually, we had paid off the mortgage on our LAST house, so this was simply the point at which the check from selling that house finally cleared the mortgage company on our new house, but it means that except for utilities and taxes, we’re set every month.  It makes the expenses of cancer much easier to bear.  The joys of downsizing!!

Baking Cabinet

We have a bit less storage space in the kitchen, so our solution is a baking cabinet.  Every thing that has to do with baking goes into our new Ikea cabinet, standing against a bare wall in the kitchen.  Max and I transferred pertinent items, freeing up more built in cabinet space.

This house is definitely smaller, but oddly, both kids have much larger living spaces.  The trade off is we don’t have a dining room, but the kids and I find ourselves gravitating to the kitchen table and sitting and talking quite a bit, so it’s a happy trade off!  We have SO MANY BOXES still to unpack, but that’s also the function of moving into a smaller house.  Figuring out where to put stuff is a bit of a nightmare.  I was in the hospital for the actual move, had I been home (and healthy) I could have directed that a bunch of stuff get tossed out.  But now that it’s here, it must be dealt with!


But the BIG NEWS that I’m so excited about today is that last night I participated in my first online auction (by a local auction house, not ebay…) and I got myself an adult tricycle!  It’s one of the brands I’d been looking at, and the price of the trike, put together and ready to ride (did I mention it’s brand new, never ridden?) is less than the price of buying the same bike ANYWHERE.  And once I purchased it, I’d have to pay $100 assembly, but that’s taken care of!

Kathleen pointed the auction out to me, and also reminded me that WE HAVE A TRAILER for our biz that we can use to bring the trike to my house.  I can’t pick it up until the full STAY AT HOME directive is lifted (which is set to be May 4) but it’s being stored locally, and it’s MINE!

Today I have my first in-home Physical Therapy session in an hour and ten minutes.  I’m psyched, but I wish it were NOT raining because I’d like to show off my walking-with-a-walker distance tricks!  Instead I’ll be showing the therapist that I can stand up, sit down, put dishes away and get around the house well.  Stairs are still an issue, but slowly we’ll overcome that, too!

Signing off, future posts may be less positive as this second round of chemo takes hold of me, but we’re hoping that since I’m going into it so much healthier than before, the nadir will not be as low as with my first round of chemo.

16 thoughts on “New Wheels!

  1. I am sending healing thoughts and prayers your way. I think of you often and send positive healing. I took some classes from you and have some yarn still to knit up. Stay safe and strong

  2. Congratulations! You are amazing resilient. You have raised some pretty special kids. That’s a lot of exciting news. Getting things organized is so satisfying, new wheels, baking a cake. I’m glad to hear that you are in a better place before this round of chemo. Keep up the good work.

  3. Great news all around! I love your new ride. It looks like it will be fun and practical.

    Good luck with chemo. As you said hopefully this time will be easier since you’re starting out in much better shape. That’s key.

  4. Wonderful news! Prayers for new round of Chemo, starting in a much more positive place should make a big difference… have proven you are a fighter!

  5. Annie!!’ I’m so excited to read this! And that you got your dream bike!!! Keep at it- I’m sure all that love from Andy and Max is playing a big role. You are a something extra special family. Love you a ton honey!‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️

  6. I love the bike! And I LOVE that the seat has a tiny backrest which can make all the difference in support, comfort and security! That basket should equal your pannier capability too.

    You sound wonderful and I’m so happy you have the kids with you and a house with no mortgage. Financial stability means a lot.

    love to you all.

  7. Your news made my day. Proud of you and your kids.
    Such a major housing move at such a difficult time. You always
    face what is ahead with such grace. Next chemo issue will be
    behind you before you know it. Keep getting your rest and
    take good care.

  8. Thank you so much dear Annie! This is the best news I’ve read in a long time.

    Among my favorite memories of living at 123 Livingston Avenue are the delightful scents that wafted into my apartment when you were baking in your kitchen! I am very glad that you’ve been able to organize a baking cabinet and make a cake. Every step towards doing more things that you enjoy and getting your new home in order is hopefully something you can savor.

    Sending all my best and intending things go as well and smoothly as possible. Peace, love, health, morris

  9. Huzzah, indeed! So happy that are feeling so much better, and congrats on the new house, the paid-in-full mortgage, and the trike! Best of luck with this next round of chemo.

  10. Ride, Annie, ride! Love your new wheels and all the other good stuff! Especially those kids, which you and Gerry produced! Great work all around! As a fellow bike enthusiast, I know how great it feels to be out on the road/street under one’s own power!

  11. Wonderful news on all fronts. Labs, move, and eating. Love the tryke- I looked at one but seat was not comfy. Is that a Billy cabinet for baking goods? I have 3 of those to hold my yarn. I love the glass doors. Continued improvements in all aspects=keeping you in my prayers.

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